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  • falsetruth

    Hey, any tips on how to get the reverse shell to connect?
    The IP is set at my tun0 ip and the port is 8008. However, when visiting the CVE LFI url. The page just loads indefinietly and the shell never connects in my terminal. . Any tips on how to fix this issue? am running kali in virtualbox.

    August 24
  • elhack

    pleas haystack help
    my fb account

    August 17
  • V1s3r1on

    Hi mate, are you looking for a friendly team that does boxes together and share good hacking resources

    August 13
  • Blu3wolf

    Hi man
    can you help with bastion ?
    from some reason i can`t mount the VHD.
    i work with kali latest one v. 2019.2.

    July 31
  • Picker

    Hello. Can you give a right direction for priv esc? I read all comment again and again. But I don't know how I get a system. Someone said me to use pspy. I tried to... but sch, wget command not working. So I didn't install that script. Can you give me appropriate guide writing or video?

    July 31
  • weeblix

    Hey mate - for Bastion - how did you go about the user hash? or user password?

    Some are saying you dont need to crack it, and I have tried everything to crack it, its doing my head in.

    July 29

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