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  • CasualFriday

    Hey, Got the user on Netmon, still fighting my way through to get root, Any chance for some guidance?
    thanks in advance.

    March 9
  • GSock14

    Hello, I'm pretty new to htb and the first box I tried is this one. I've been scratching my head on getting shell. I have parsed the tickets page and tried to get the shell by sending elf trojan on port 21 of I know I'm doing something wrong, however, little help would be greatly appreciated! Tia

    March 9
  • MrNiceGuy

    Got user.txt on Netmon, could use hint to proceed.

    March 8
  • 0x4242

    just wanted to ask if you can give me a hint on the root shell for lightweight. already got the flag but w/o shell. thanks in advanced!

    March 7
  • Jangam9024

    Hi Can you guide me to get root

    March 5
  • MrReh

    Any Hint For Netmon Root Get The User??

    March 4
  • jvlavl

    Hi can you give me a little hint to Administrator I think the way to go is PRTG

    March 4
  • khalsa68

    yo man - stuck at pric esc for two days any hints will be useful. I can c the a----a--- and the two files tried few things with it but got no where. I tried curl and ssh but not going anywhere.

    February 26
  • Srxvx

    Gave me hints that helped a lot without spoiling anything!

    February 26
  • dcdesmond

    Great dude, giving hints without spoiling the box! +1

    February 25
  • jvlavl

    hi any hint to admin please

    February 21
  • secmelis

    Im working on Curling

    February 19
  • secmelis

    Hi, Im stuck on privesc. Gaining ssh access with username fis but can't figure how to leverage files inside an-aa. Don't know what to do with cl. Appreciate any hint.

    February 19

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