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  • Type your comment> @UncleAlf said: (Quote) OSCP courses, I believe, are designed for beginners because they provide both pdf and video instruction that are very friendly for rookies just like me. It took me a week to go over the pdf and started …
  • I'm a rookie and I got OSCP certification last month and it is my beginning of cybersecurity. I strongly suggest you learn it as well because the OSCP course is really suitable for beginners. I bought 60 days of lab time and I think the exam was not…
  • Finally Rooted. Here are my hints: Initial hole: 1. Enumerate as much as u can. You'll find a door in front of a data container and a foothole from the front page which you'll get some keys to open the door. 2. Observe the version of the container.…
    in Jarvis Comment by zachosk October 2019
  • Finally Rooted. Nice box! I learned a lot from this box. Here're my hints: Init hole: 1. Read the code carefully, especially some logs, and you'll find the EVIL hole and the keys. 2. Utilize the keys and you'll jump into the jail. (If one payload …
    in Craft Comment by zachosk October 2019
  • Finally Rooted. Here're my hints: Initial hole: 1. Enumeration is the very beginning step before doing anything. 2. Try to use some different wordlist and you'll find the door(1). 3. The door(1) (Hint: What a teacher do in an exam) seems to be clo…
    in Wall Comment by zachosk October 2019

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