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  • with !, without !, not high quality, makes me really confused...
    in Bank Heist Comment by yzkofk May 18
  • Remind me that I'm still a NOOB for Linux text processing ^^
    in misDIRection Comment by yzkofk May 18
  • Too hard for me, even with some walk through it still take me couple hours to understand. But truly let me learn many many things, thank you @vis0r, great work ^^
    in Matrioshka Comment by yzkofk May 18
  • Too much rabbit holes... Can't believe I have went so far just basing on a simple hex editor :-)
    in Reminiscent Comment by yzkofk May 16
  • Not sure if I'm using the wireshark right way. Found the first string really quick, and CyberChef saves my ass again :-)
  • Interesting but not high quality, anyway it will give you some reminder when you develop some software :-) PS: WINDOWS is SHIT
    in Illumination Comment by yzkofk May 15
  • CyberChef saves my ass ^^
    in Took the byte Comment by yzkofk May 15
  • Interesting box. Renew many things I thought I knew, but actually, I'm not :-).
    in Cache Comment by yzkofk May 14
  • Basic but high quality, makes me learned something about IL
  • ROOT!Although this machine is very simple. I would give it medium because the shell I got is very limit: There is NO error message... I waste so much time on some detail issues :-(
    in Remote Comment by yzkofk May 7
  • Got root LOL! really a high quality machine, makes me learned A LOT thing about windows.
    in Cascade Comment by yzkofk May 6
  • Got user, definitely not a easy machine ^^
    in Admirer Comment by yzkofk May 4
  • Type your comment> @N00p said: (Quote) same stuck here, tried hydra with rockyou but is very very slow.
    in Admirer Comment by yzkofk May 4
  • Type your comment> @xrchsploit said: (Quote) Same stuck here, tried fuzz with many time but find nothing :-(
    in Admirer Comment by yzkofk May 3
  • I can't open the 80 port from browser. I can ping it, scan it, but can't open the web page. Anybody has same problem? PS: I tried other machine, the Firefox works fine. Just not work for this one :-( Wireshark told me the GET request has succeed, h…
    in Book Comment by yzkofk April 23

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