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  • Curling was not particularly difficult compared to some of the other machines out there. PM me if you need some assistance/hints.
  • Exhausting and time consuming, yet you learn a lot. User and root are both a challenge here.
  • Cool box, was able to learn a lot of things, got user and root. PM me if you have questions.
  • Cool box, was able to learn few things, got user and root. Let me know if you guys have questions.
  • Got root, Interesting machine, learned a lot with this one. Didn't know that the hashes can be used in such a way way to make a connection. Cool! :+1:
  • Got root, learned a lot trying different things. Also very challenging, couldn't get burp intruder to work correctly, but found another way :)
    in Dab Comment by xterminal01 January 2019
  • Yea I got root few days ago and this wasn't as fun as Carrier/Vault not a fan of stego challenges, still learned something :+1:
  • Very nice machine, just rooted it and so far this is one of the real life case scenario machines. :+1:
  • Just got root and wow, this was my favorite box. It was more realistic than some other ones. :+1:
  • (Quote) Hey, check all the SUID files, it enables users to run the file with effective permissions of root. You'll see rws instead of rwx, the s indicates that this file has the SUID permission set.

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