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  • Hello, Same here i'm stuck with this LOL NOPE message... any hints ? (feel free to PM)
  • Hello guys ! I read a quite a bit about heap management/malloc/free/unlink and so on (with a lot of House of xxxxx exploit that I understand partially). I think I am on the right track and I saw how I can fill the heap so that I have a total contro…
  • Hi ! My exploit work slocally to but can't get it to work in remote. I guess this has to do with the version of libc (and thus the offsets). Can someone PM me, I don't want to spoil anything. Thank you !
  • Hello ! I'm kinda stuck too... The stack canary is a real pain in the *** ahah and I don't know how to bypass it. I read about overwriting exception handler but since it's x64 everything is passed trough register so... I need some kind of help ple…
  • Hi ! I got a working exploit on local (I start ropme as a service with nc and then use my exploit to open a shell) with ASLR enabled but can't get it to work on the docker instance.. Can someone help me to figure out why it's failing ? I think this…
  • Hey i'm currently on it and a lillt help would be apreciated :D Don't wanna spoil anything so please feel free to PM me so that i can explain you where i am.
  • Hi ! I would like a bit of help for Little Tommy. I don't want to spoil anything so if someone could PM me... Thx :)
  • Hi ! I'm kinda stuck and would like to ask some questions. If someone could pm me ... Thx :D
    in Jerry Comment by xenoliss October 2018
  • Hi, I was able to got bot user and root flags but I am still wondering what's really happening behind the hood. I don't wanna spoil anything here so if someone having a good understanding of AD and k******* and i***** could message to answer some of…
  • Got the root flag :D ! Learned a lot on this machine that was really cool, thx for posting it ! Thx a lot to @3poke
  • Hi ! After a few hours I managed to get the user flags and know (in theory) what to do to get the root flag but I am not able to generate the S****** T***** with i******* (it says invalid credentials...) Any tips ?

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