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  • Well, it seems that everybody is now caring and closing everything down. If somebody wants to take over and advance the meetup - go ahead. I think this won't be over in may.
  • Type your comment> @Baikuya said: (Quote) Sorry for the delay but I am preparing for my OSCP Exam tomorrow. I will create the poll once I am through the exam if that's ok. One thing to consider though is Corona. Our Office has been closed down …
  • Type your comment> @codebear said: (Quote) Hit me up :)
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  • Please check the Meetup-Pad again and enter your name if you would like to come. Atm just 5 people entered their names. This won't be enough for a meetup.
  • Hamburg was just my suggestion because I live there and am a lazy mofu. ;D But I understand that the location need to fit everybodys need. Let's collect some ideas in the pad below and see where we end up. https://yourpart.eu/p/HTB-Meetup
  • Type your comment> @Ch3k said: (Quote) Hey guys - drop me a message, I'll see if I can help you out. ;)
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 February 13
  • @time2p1ay you are welcome. Hope you liked it, even if it seemed to be harder than intendet. @Z1LV3R That's true. ^^
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 20
  • Right. Except, you are the chef. ;)
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 16
  • Thanks @Humi7. Glad you liked it. =)
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 14
  • Type your comment> @MrR3boot said: (Quote) Truth to be told - It was hard to find a propper category for that. We might need a SOC / Blue-Team or whatever category for stuff like this. I am sorry that you didn't like the challenge. Maybe you co…
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 11
  • It's not an encryption. Otherwise it would have been in the crypto section. It's not stego either. Because we have a section for that on HTB. So what could it be that would "sort of" fit forensic?
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 11
  • Sorry to hear that.
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 11
  • The names and descriptions in 90% of all challenges / boxes are some sort of hint. I'll make less use of it next time, if you guys don't like that. The challenge is, technically, easier than it seems. It just seems to be way out of HTB's comfort zo…
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 11
  • Hey guys, challenge creator here. To keep things fair, I'll drop the hints I posted in all the other channels here aswell. * It's a forensic challenge. No need to calculate p, q and whatnot. * The Challenge "story line" should have been …
    in S3cr3t_R3c1p3 Comment by x41 January 11
  • Indeed. :) I didn't know what I was doing at first. But now I now what's going on. You are welcome! :)
  • To tell you the truth. I haven't written a ROP for it. I have a RIP overwrite. But I lack the skills to move on. But there's a tool that autoexploits this for you. That tool got me in. The rest was a piece of cake. Upload something. Get better acce…
    in Safe Comment by x41 September 2019
  • Just rooted the box. Took me awhile to do so. Initial Access: I was on the right track but tried to rush it so I made a oopsie and didn't notice my mistake for at least 1,5 hours. User: I needed a hint on this. I hate php and can't read it very we…
    in Networked Comment by x41 September 2019
  • Type your comment> @wawrzeniec said: (Quote) I'll ask you if I can't get it after the next 4 hours. :D I haven't exhausted my possibilities. So I'll try harder.
    in Networked Comment by x41 August 2019
  • Why do I always struggle with the seemingly easy stuff. 4 hours in and not even a shell. sigh This is pathetic.
    in Networked Comment by x41 August 2019
  • Type your comment> @YanTayga said: (Quote) I tried. Spent 20-30 minutes on it. Also MrR3boot said: He hates bruteforce. I thinks it's safe to assume: no.
    in Player Comment by x41 July 2019
  • There's also the CyberMentor on Youtube who made a complete beginner series with almost everything you might need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlK174d_uu8&list=PLLKT__MCUeiwBa7d7F_vN1GUwz_2TmVQj
  • Remote troubleshooting is not the easiest thing. In the chat are others who seem to have VPN issues too. Perhaps it's related.
  • Just to make sure: You've hit the "regenerate" button and downloaded a new connection pack right?
  • Try redoing your VPN config from the access page.
  • Thank you for the feedback. :) Appriciated. Hopefully your friends get the same experience.
  • Surely I need two tries ^^ Perhaps more?

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