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  • did it take over an hour to finish scanning for anyone else? My nikto scans on this box are taking an incredibly long time. one has taken over an hour and is still running....
  • rooted. I would say the rating is accurate. I had issues with both foothold and root, but only because I'm stupid. foothold i could have gotten quicker if my syntax had been correct first time. root i could have saved myself two days had I looked a…
  • rooted. learned some new things on the PE, most of which I didn't end up needing. lol. but good to know. shout out to @rancilio for the help on the syntax. had i just paid attention to one thing (or tried one thing i saw) i would have had it but ins…
  • rooted. I think i can roll over and die now. been working on that machine for WAY too long. I'll echo what others have said: the box wasn't easy at all.
  • rooted. fun box. everyone else said it, but ill echo it: Enumeration is key. Other than my initial scans, I used generic Linux commands and a tiny bit of scripting/code here and there and had the box. foothold: I would have had this box a day earl…
  • rooted. dang @bertolis that was a tough "easy" box. Thanks to @philralph, @SackOfHacks and @ironman2 for the nudges/conversation.
  • Could someone DM me a nudge? have basic shell with a****. found default m**** creds but they are not working. Want to run what I am doing past someone who has rooted to see if i am on correct track or not.
  • Interesting box. I learned a lot from this one. I learned that i need to really pay attention to my enumeration. I am curious to know if i got the root flag the proper way or not, or if there is another way to do it. I suspect there are a few ways …
  • just rooted. Fun box but i struggled. I was on the right track the whole way through and just didn't type in some of the correct commands. thanks to @0xdf for a fun box and a good one to learn on. Thanks to R0adRunn3rrr on twitter for the nudges.
  • Okay, hardest OSINT challenge yet and I learned something new, so thanks for that @win32k . And thanks to @opt1kz for the nudge.
  • wow, what a frustrating challenge, but finally got it. Thanks to @sh4d0wless, @roaldnefs and @MountainMan for the nudges. one thing I will say. don't use iPhoto. it produces problems.
  • if any one can help, send me a DM. could use a nudge. have the T***** and have gone around in circles. need to talk to some one who has finished this so I can say everything have done and figure out if I am digging too deep or missing something obvi…
  • Respect to @sh4d0wless for the nudges...
  • @TazWake, Yeah I read the write up it doesn’t help with my question on python but it confirmed I was correct in how to get root. Stil, my questions in python remain so if any one can help and has root on this machine dm me. I don’t want to post more…
    in Bashed Comment by x00future June 2020
  • Hi. If any one can help me, in pretty sure I know how to get root but something is up with my python. If you are decent in python and have rooted this machine can you send me a message? Thanks!
    in Bashed Comment by x00future June 2020
  • Thanks to @roaldnefs for the nudge. Respect given on the main HTB page. Pointed me in a direction I hadn’t thought of
  • Type your comment> @m4rchy said: (Quote) same. not sure if the first step is still broken or what...
  • @anguzmar said: (Quote) Ha, not sure which of the twitter pages your talking about but i feel like at this point i know them all forwards and backwards......
  • Def could use a nudge if any one is willing. DM and I can give an outline of what I have done / where I am at.
  • Type your comment> @TonyWong said > for crc, you may go wrong way Agree.
  • Type your comment> @Crashcat said: (Quote) Dm me if you still need a himt
  • got it! finally. Thanks to @Dethread for the hint and for the conversation! I will say for those who think you have it but it doesn't work, maybe try it twice. I did use the correct password and it rejected it once, tried it again and it worked.....…
  • Type your comment> @3322kr said: > Type your comment> @PanamaEd117 said: > > (Quote) > use the most common tool to intercept requests and then look at the responses of the directories you have found I’ve tried this and can’…
    in Wall Comment by x00future October 2019
  • Type your comment> @Vex20k said: (Quote) sent ya a DM
  • Well I feel like a dumb dumb. I can’t seem to get anywhere. Not giving up but boy every one else seems to be breezing through this box!
    in Wall Comment by x00future September 2019
  • @Dethread thanks will do.
  • @Dethread thanks. I’ve been going through twitter nonstop. Found a ton of stuff. I think I’m just looking at this wrong. May step away for a day or two then come back to it. Getting to this point was easy. Then it just went all mind f on me.
  • I am def over thinking this one. I am down to the password.zip. Got there easily. But I can't seem to get the password to the password.zip......

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