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  • Done and Dusted! Thanks to @flk for refocusing me and hint regarding kernel debugging. Shout out to @sampriti for good challenge! Wx
  • Done & Dusted! A nice and easy challenge coming after doing those Dream Diary Challenges. Thanks to @chirality for a good challenge. Wx
  • Type your comment> @R4J said: (Quote) DOH! Dang "First Blood" Tag :) lol!
  • Done and Dusted!!! Holy Smokes!! that puppy just like the previous 2 chapters were hard but bloody absolutely worth it. I enjoyed how this challenge requires the utilisation of multiple binary exploit techniques. Thanks to @R4J for a great challen…
  • Done and Dusted! With the pain gained completing the "Chapter 1" challenge, Chapter 2's challenge seemed a lot easier and straight forward. Onto the next!!! Wx
  • Done & Dusted! Yes its a hard challenge! but once you've cracked it, you'd have learnt to try different heap exploits, see them fail and have greater understanding of their "requirements" for the exploit to fully work. Eventually y…
  • Done and Dusted! Hind sight as always is 20/20!! Yes sir.... I cased my tail on the Libc issue rabbit hole, but once back on correct path it was POP!
  • Done and Dusted! That should have been an fairly easy challenge for myself... BUT small bug in my logic allowed my function to work locally but not remotely so spend half a day going round in circles confirming that my LIBC version was indeed corre…
  • Done and Dusted! Refreshing straight forward and nice easy machine Thanks @Xh4H
    in Traceback Comment by wxadvisor March 26
  • Done and SEMI dusted!! @Dreadless tu sir for nudges at each level!!
    in PlayerTwo Comment by wxadvisor March 25
  • Done and Dusted! Privesc to root was fun! Thanks to @3LI for the nudge.
    in Book Comment by wxadvisor March 6
  • Done and Dusted! Thanks to @TRX for a nice set of challenges. I love these types of challenges were the info is right in front of you all the time. Great to see challenges that steer you down techniques to practice / learn.
    in Control Comment by wxadvisor February 28
  • Done and Dusted! Thanks @R4J for a bloody awesome set of challenges.
    in Rope Comment by wxadvisor February 27
  • Sweet! Job Done!! Thanks @egotisticalSW for another fun challenge allow oneself to continue honing their AD enum and attack procs.
    in Sauna Comment by wxadvisor February 18
  • Done & Dusted! Kudos to @MinatoTW & @felamos for a fun and challenging box.
    in Sniper Comment by wxadvisor February 18
  • Sweet Baby Root!!!! Thanks @egre55 & @mrb3n for a fun AD challenge. Took a little reading and reviewing of some code of the tools that could help find those tracks but let you down as they haven't kept up with the Dog!!.
    in Forest Comment by wxadvisor February 15
  • Wow! Now that was fun. Tu for a very challenging box @Gioo & @Cneeliz. Cheers to @chvancooten for the couple of nudges to get me focused and back on track.
  • Nice one @jkr! Tu sir for a fine box. Not must of a hint for others other than when the penny finally drops on the info you have to privesc to root... you will double face palm yourself so hard for not seeing it earlier! lol!!
    in Zetta Comment by wxadvisor February 8
  • Kudos to @ompamo !! this box tested the old grey matter, my enum procs and sometimes my sanity. I can't add any more hints other than @bumika hints are a great guide. As many have said "enumerate, enumerate" yes you sometimes have to …

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