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  • The initial part is very tiring, I can only move forward after using a tool, other people can get manual. The root part is step-by-step a security article. This is a amazing box, thank you @egre55
  • Finally!! It was amazing box, I learn tons new techniques. The best part was the way to get root, you can learn a lot of new things with this machine. Congratz to @aas!! Thank you for all that support me.
  • Great box! Guessing is luck and small list to gain access, after enum.
    in Blunder Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • Finally got root! This box was very crazy for me. Foothold is very easy for some people, but be carefull or this path will be like a quicksand. All information acquired on enum phase is very important to get user. But when get the first cred the do…
    in Monteverde Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • Rooted!! This box is very interesting... But the enum phase is crucial to another steps. I spent time in privilege escalation and get remote file. The groups in this system was essential to open my mind. Great box!
    in Resolute Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • This is a great work @HTB!! I'm a new member, but the community in discord and forum are super participative. However flag's share is very bad for the community growth.
  • This machine is excellent for practicing the enumeration, script programming and logical skills excellently. I really enjoyed all the challenges that are encountered until climbing root !!
    in Nest Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • Nice job my friend. Thx for you effort
  • I was two hours in this boxes for first user haha. First step is basic enum only! Good luck!
    in Magic Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • Got root this a great box. The @Everlastdg tip was excelent!!
    in ServMon Comment by wsl64x May 2020
  • The user is easy, but I can't move forward with rev shell for got root
    in ServMon Comment by wsl64x May 2020

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