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  • After a lot of trials and tribulations, I've gotten a shell. Poking around at the environment, and I think I might be completely lost.
  • Type your comment> @0xEEX75 said: (Quote) Is there any good documentation/reference I should be looking at for this? I don't have a ton of experience on this side of things, and I'm trying to dig out what I can, but it's been a struggle finding …
  • I'm running into a wall on the initial foothold and am hoping to get some assistance. I've tried several things, i think i have a general idea of what I need to do, but I can't seem to nail it. My google-fu on the technique is failing me, so I haven…
    in Book Comment by wizliz June 2020
  • Type your comment> @Karthik0x00 said: (Quote) I don't think this is the case. I'm on VIP and assuming I am looking in the same place you are as I've found those two files as well, but the other ones I'm looking for are not there.
  • I was working on this box a few days ago, and some remote management tools were acting real flaky, but I could connect and sometimes do things for a bit. Came back to it this weekend hoping to finish it off, but I can't even seem to connect with th…
    in Sauna Comment by wizliz March 2020
  • Type your comment> @Dec0ne said: (Quote) I"m in the same boat. i have no idea what to do against AD, it's a newer thing for me and I'm really weak at it. Even just some articles to read would be helpful!
    in Forest Comment by wizliz October 2019
  • Rooted! If someone who also rooted could PM me, I have a question about that last step that I'm not sure why what worked worked.
    in Sniper Comment by wizliz October 2019
  • I'm in the US with VIP and haven't had any general problems with the box. I think I made SQL crash once, but aside from that I haven't had any problems aside from my general ineptitude on getting a shell to pop. I know my experiences don't mean you…
    in Sniper Comment by wizliz October 2019
  • Can I get a sanity check on the initial foothold? I think I have a few things, but I also think I've spent quite a bit of time in some rabbit holes.
    in Sniper Comment by wizliz October 2019
  • If anyone is around that I can hit up about the initial entry, let me know. I've found a few things I think might be useful, but I have no idea what to Google at this point to find any sort of information to learn from as everything I've tried didn'…
    in Json Comment by wizliz September 2019
  • Type your comment> @v01t4ic said: (Quote) I'm glad it was easy for you. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean it's "easy" for everyone else. While setting up a VM might be "unnecessary," it certainly doesn't hurt to be able to see…
  • Type your comment> @rulzgz said: (Quote) Thanks! I actually figured it out and got past that part a few days ago. I've got an exploit working on my Kali box locally, but not remotely. I've put up an Ubuntu box with a similar config to the target…
  • This is one of my first forays into messing with binary exploits without a guide, and my first time using pwntools. I'm having an issue with it while trying to follow along with some other tutorials where recvuntil just hangs. I've heard talks of it…
  • I hate when all of you talk about how easy the privesc is because that means I sit here and never figure it out and feel dumb.
    in Wall Comment by wizliz September 2019
  • I'm bashing my head against the wall trying to find the creds for the admin page. If anyone wants to throw a hint my way that would be greatly appreciated!
    in onetwoseven Comment by wizliz July 2019
  • I could use a nudge on root if anyone is available. I'm fairly green on privesc techniques, I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if I'm anywhere near the right path or how to execute on those ideas.
    in Jarvis Comment by wizliz June 2019
  • @jownz I'm at the same exact point now. Could use a PM from someone with some assistance.
    in Conceal Comment by wizliz April 2019
  • I'm working on getting the connection up and running, but it's fairly foreign to me. At this point I can see my machine sending out initiation requests, but I'm not getting anything back. I'm going to keep plugging away once I have some time, but a …
    in Conceal Comment by wizliz April 2019
  • I'm in the same position, I've made it into the box as a low priv user, and haven't been able to progress from there. I've looked over the last few pages and taken some paths from other hints, but something is obviously going over my head. If anyone…
    in Chaos Comment by wizliz April 2019
  • Mark me down as another one of those that has RCE, but is having trouble getting a shell to be more efficient/figure out what to do next. I'm pretty new to all of this, so wouldn't mind some tips! Edit: of course I figured it out ten minutes after …
    in Carrier Comment by wizliz February 2019

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