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  • This was a very fun machine, there are a lot of good hints here. I have a couple more below: Foothold: OWASP Top 10 and hide something in plain sight User: If at first you don't succeed try again with something you already know Root: You can some…
    in Magic Comment by wizedkyle May 2020
  • Rooted! Probably one of the most enjoyable machines I've done so far. User: there are plenty of good hints here, however one extra hint RE is very simple using dot peek and an online tool Root: Follow the same enum methodology as the users PM if …
    in Cascade Comment by wizedkyle April 2020
  • Excellent box really quite fun! User: enum, google, and there is a nicer version of the code on a GitHub page Root: remote access is beautiful but equally dangerous PM if you need hints.
    in Remote Comment by wizedkyle April 2020
  • Type your comment> @malwarepeter said: > ssh: Permission denied, please try again. > > do i miss something here..owned all credentials but cant go through > > any nudge and i think am on the right track There are two part…
    in ServMon Comment by wizedkyle April 2020
  • Finally rooted. A few hints User: enum + google will get you what you need Root: You don't need to use the UI and read the docs thoroughly PM if you get stuck on root
    in ServMon Comment by wizedkyle April 2020

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