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  • Type your comment> @trevorphillips said: (Quote) @trevorphillips I had this same thing occur. I think this has to do with losing stdout somehow. At one point, after moving directories it seemed like i re-gained stdout.. but couldn't reproduce.…
    in Magic Comment by wittr June 2020
  • Finally got root. Not sure why I was able to priv esc... I managed to figure it out though via hints in this forum.. Gonna go back and checkout some AD attack videos etc. Can anyone DM me why I was able to do that as the 2nd user? Not sure what I…
    in Sauna Comment by wittr June 2020
  • Type your comment> @TazWake said: (Quote) Got it! Rooted. I was going down that path but got an error when attempting enum, didn't happen to google the error at the time (doh). On the plus side I learned how to upgrade a shell to fully tty du…
  • Please don't change the password to the foothold portal.. Stuck on root.. got the user flag. I know people say "Basic Enum and google" but anyone got pointers on the "Basic enum" part(noob here)? I did some Googling off vers…
  • Rooted! Thanks for the suggestions here. I'm mainly a noob and just learning, so for those like me. Don't forget during user enum how to read into all files. For root I got it to the point of having a password from TV but was lost as to what to …
    in Remote Comment by wittr June 2020
  • Does getting to user require opening a windows-based tool to read a s** file?
    in Remote Comment by wittr June 2020
  • rooted! Great box for a noob. Thanks for setting it up.
    in Traceback Comment by wittr June 2020

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