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  • Awesome box, and a complete change from most other challenges! All the hints for what needs to be done are called out within the application. Looks like their fixes aren't correct! You need to expand on it a little bit and pretend to be a certain…
  • Finally rooted. Im glad this is out of my life! Great box, definitely pushed me to my limits and learnt a whole bunch :)
  • Yeah thats what I found, I woudl overwrite the .lnk and i could keep typing it and it just woyudlnt over write. I've sent the creator a message to see if its intended to start doing that once the box restarts as it may be a bug. I just switched la…
  • Something to mention, the default HTB openVPN connection runs over UDP, meaning there is no actual session management for your overall connection to the labs (so TCP session management within the lab is then meaningless essentially). I found I had …
  • I seem to be having some really inconsistent results, I had my *.l** working fine, but now (using the same commands) it seems to hang as if j**** isn't doing anything with it? I had success changing to a different VIP world for a bit, but pretty co…
  • That was an awesome box. Privesc ended up being pretty simple, but learnt some more post-exploitation enumeration tricks!
  • Awesome machine, initial foothold took me a while but had to get back to basics and stop trying so hard.
  • Fun little box, easy root once I stopped over thinking lol, if anyone needs a push in the right direction, feel free to pm :)
  • Rooted! That was a really fun initial shell! If you're struggling with privesc, take a step back and don't over complicate it! Google has the answer, enumerate more :)
    in Bounty Comment by wildkindcc July 2018
  • What a fantastic box, thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt some new tricks!! If anyone has questions, feel free to PM me for a little nudge :)
    in Dropzone Comment by wildkindcc July 2018
  • @w31rd0 think about what you're looking for in the output, the correct path to find everything is detailed in this thread :) Everyone else, i'm stuck at the point where I know where to send the payload to; however, I've tried various ones but even …
    in Rabbit Comment by wildkindcc July 2018

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