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  • Type your comment> @weeeeeeeeee said: (Quote) Started a vip account... finished it with an hour of me signing up. amazing what you can get done.
  • Not a fan of this box at the moment. Goes up and down and I'm pretty sure the way the box is configured all the massive scans going on ain't helping.
  • Finally got root, I'm going to go back with what I learned on this one and try some "easy" windows boxes as I floundered a little with this one. Good box and thanks!
  • Finished the box. Have mixed feelings about this. The foothold was okay, there was a common framework which had something right out the box that you had to use, enum would have lead you there eventually. Once I attained foothold, user... yeah, ov…
  • Rooted, not a fan of the system used. Had some PTSD from a time when I had time sync issues.
  • (Quote) Definitely an interesting privesc technique, gonna keep that one in my back pocket. :wink:
  • Type your comment> @freez3r said: (Quote) If you shoot me a dm I might be able to help out.
  • Type your comment> @HomeSen said: (Quote) Understood, and thank you for the refresher. I did find that juicy nugget. Was working that avenue but so far hit has been unfruitful. Maybe it's time to use a bigger hammer against it. ----Edit: fou…
  • Got a POC working and can start navigating around the system. With that was able to do research and found a way to circumvent functionality that is disabled. Found a user that shouldn't have a certain setting enabled but he does. Pulled on that t…
  • Type your comment> @weeeeeeeeee said: (Quote) I swear as soon as I posted on here I figured it out. Just some sound advice, always quote your facking passwords when using tools in a shell.
  • First time dealing with any of the tech on this box so definitely am learning a lot. Passed all the parts up to and including getting creds (have creds too). Downloaded a "tool" that will supposedly let me interact with a certain applica…
  • I went down the rabbit hole. Spent two whole days researching articles on a specific type of vulnerability as this is my first exposure to it. I reset this morning and took a step back. I get certain errors but don't know what to do with them, th…
  • Just my .02. Some of these elements are logic bombs and require you to think outside the box. Definitely had a few head->desk moments. Learned some new fuzzing techniques to get user and as well as how to think about privesc. Definitely looki…
  • This box is making my eye twitch, tunnels were working, UI was up and running, tried making a change to run my special sauce and then boom out of nowhere the service died. Frustrating beyond belief.
    in ServMon Comment by weeeeeeeeee May 2020
  • The issue I'm having right now is following the guidance from various google searches and posts on the web are not lining up with the box. I can find all sorts of things but none of them have moved me forward. Think I might be overthinking this wh…
    in Netmon Comment by weeeeeeeeee March 2019
  • Got root flag, interesting choice of a name for a box ;) Learned a lot.
  • As many have said having a Windows VM to test was clutch, also enumerating all files will pretty much give you the command you will need, to do what you need to do. What file that is, well that's an exercise for the user. ;)

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