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  • I found a CVE for user and got a shell, but I can't do anything in it. Can't even cd. Can I get any help with this?
  • I used gobuster but I can't find any files or directories and none of the links work, I'm really still stuck on the index page. Can someone help me?
    in Craft Comment by userp419 October 2019
  • I found an exploit and I got credentials but I they don't really seem to work anywhere. I tried the a**** page, doesn't work there. I also tried using same credentials with a default account, not working. Can someone give me a hint?
    in Writeup Comment by userp419 October 2019
  • Type your comment> @H3L1OS said: (Quote) I just used nmap. But I'm looking for a metasploit module or a script for this particular versions, I can't find anything. Yes I am noob :(
  • I know this sounds silly but I did basic recon and I took note of services but I really can't find an exploit .. can I get help?
  • I found a vim swap file, and in it it there is some php that mentions the admin interface, on port 60080, and there is also the admin password that I cracked. But there is nothing listening on port 60080. I'm not really sure where to go from here ca…

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