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  • It was a really good write-up with good educating tips. thank you, I will follow your forthcoming writeups😊
  • Loved this machine, combination of many challenges and learned smth new on every step. for those who is enumerating dns, the order of your dns enumeration own command is important...
    in Olympus Comment by uck084 April 2018
  • Hey guys ,any hints for non-visible user.txt ? Also is the capture relevant or just a rabbit hole ?
    in Olympus Comment by uck084 April 2018
  • I found creds, by following the path stated on one config file and as far as I see it is encrypted. John is not helping me to crack it, any clues?
    in Inception Comment by uck084 March 2018
  • Guyz please gimme some clue about Blake2 :) I am stucked on it. At least just tell me is it the way or just a rabbit hole :)
  • no need :) ps : pretty easy
  • any hints for privesc? thnx
  • (Quote) Sure, I go t my definition as "revealing too" from you post. I guess I did it once and will report myself :astonished: :+1:
  • How do you define spoiler? We need a forum wide definition , which is differentiating "innocent push" and giving the answer of the challenge. I think forum needs such pushes and I personally believe that those pushes are adding great valu…
  • (Quote) Now I totally agree. all clues were given guys :)
    in Aragog Comment by uck084 March 2018
  • (Quote) ahahaha to be more clear, you guys mean ".txt" as the file and its format? I told it very clear because finding it is not a challenge. I guess everyone made an NMAP scan and saw it. If yes, I found two things, one of them is that T…
    in Aragog Comment by uck084 March 2018
  • (Quote) guess many people are the same. Can you guyz give more clue about steps after finding out the ip stuff?
    in Aragog Comment by uck084 March 2018
  • I found a username and password, which supposed to login to management Web based GUI , but it doesn't work and I have no clue what prevents my login! Please PM me if anyone get what I mean and wanna give some clue.
  • definitely. Even if I was looking into a solution, I got unconsciously got the clue and couldn't forger :)

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