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  • Finally got root! Although user flag was a bit CTF-like, it was fun and taught me a few things about the technology. Already lots of good hints here, read them thoroughly if you got stuck at any point.. PM me if you want any help, but please indic…
    in Haystack Comment by tykz July 2019
  • I guess I am getting good at solving boxes. Keeping things organized helps a lot. Thanks @jkr for your efforts to build the machine. for user: find the application type/technology, search for exploits on google. for root: use some tools to snoop o…
    in Writeup Comment by tykz June 2019
  • Once again, after a brief review of the machine, I saw the benefits of reading the comments here at forum. Comments by @anonymous187 will help, especially. Very CTF-like box and it doesn't even take 2 hours to reach the flags, if you know how WEB p…
    in Luke Comment by tykz June 2019
  • Old exploits and simple methods, but it was a fun experience. I think it's a good machine for the newcomers to the community. Thank you @ch4p for your effort to create the machine. Root is actually very easy but took me a while to understand how t…
    in Swagshop Comment by tykz May 2019
  • I spent almost 3 days in total to solve this machine, but I'm happy that I have learnt some new things. Thank you for creating this painful machine @MinatoTW and @egre55 - please make moar of these machines. For root flag, some basic but useful ad…
    in Ghoul Comment by tykz May 2019
  • I think I've tried everything I have to try... I'm open to instructions on what to do to get a shell with the k*****_**m account. Where should I look? Got user after smashing my head for some time, but I've been working on it for almost a day to ge…
    in Ghoul Comment by tykz May 2019
  • Type your comment> @limbernie said: (Quote) This really helped A LOT.. Thank you! Now, how can I get a shell from the system? It seems the filesystem is not writable. Any help?
    in Ethereal Comment by tykz March 2019

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