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  • I notice a lot of people are having problem with the bash script. My advice to you: Understand what that bash script does before complaining on forums that it doesn't work. And even if it doesn't work, try to fix it yourself, don't be script kiddie…
  • Rooted. Easy box, all you need to do is to enumerate and google. If you get stuck, you can DM me.
  • Got all the creds but 2fa is walling me :/
  • Type your comment> @htw6666 said: (Quote) The trick is you need to make your OCR function adaptable for any change it may happen in the image. Try to see what patterns appear and apply them in order to decode it correctly
  • root has such a cool exploitation process, just read carefully the blog after you get your root foothold. I really enjoyed it @egre55 , thank you! If you guys need nudges, PM me, but please don't come with messages like "Are these credentials…
  • Type your comment> @tang0 said: (Quote) No. try harder
  • Type your comment> @Ma1ware said: (Quote) No need for that, at least for user
  • Well, that was an easy user pwn :D
  • Great challenge to test your programming skills. Indeed, PIL is all you need to solve this, but you have to get a little bit creative.
  • Type your comment> @mosaaed said: (Quote) You can solve it without writing a single line of code.Just use what you already have and derive what you need
  • Type your comment> @idomino said: (Quote) Harry Potter finds this box easy
  • Rooted. Nice box @clubby789 , make more pls :D. If you guys need any help, PM me with your progress
  • Type your comment> @rholas said: (Quote) Nope, try finding your way in manually
  • 5hrs in still no root. Everything is access denied
  • Got creds but kinda stuck after that...
  • Type your comment> @olsv said: (Quote) Did you ever use them? If so, I am curious about that. I rooted it without ever using those credentials.
  • Most probably a rabbit hole. They are way too in the open
  • Is the wav upload part a "guess the keyword" game? Because everything I throw at it, returns blank output, but at least it understands the wav file(most of the time).
    in AI Comment by trollzorftw November 2019
  • is it normal to wait that much for a 1MB .wav file process?
    in AI Comment by trollzorftw November 2019
  • Another box from you? Christmas is early this year
    in AI Comment by trollzorftw November 2019
  • Rooted! This was my first really HARD box, and I enjoyed every minute of it even it came with frustration and banging my head against the wall. This is a great box for testing your accumulated knowledge from the easier boxes, I highly recommend it…
  • Type your comment> @Icyb3r said: (Quote) Enumerate more
  • Rooted after fighting with unresponsive login page for about 1 hour. Tip: Never bruteforce login pages ! That's almost never the answer, and on top of that, you are ruining the box for other people. If you need tips you can PM me with your progress
  • Type your comment> @ZeWanderer said: (Quote) Scan again, and scan ALL
  • Type your comment> @clubby789 said: (Quote) I had the same idea, but I can't access the higher privilege user folder, im getting permission denied.
  • Type your comment> @rowra said: (Quote) You should play a bit with the CLI and realize that you need to edit your script a little
  • Type your comment> @UrielY said: (Quote) Yes
  • Anybody bumped into that login page after getting rejected using a fairly new 0day?
  • Rooted! Thanks @sudneo for the nudge on the juice extraction, and thank you @MrR3boot for putting together those, let's say "customizable" exploits that we had the chance to use. If you guys need help you can leave a PM.
  • Is the /bt/bt giving you guys 502 Bad Gateway error ? or is it just me

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