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  • Type your comment> @ines said: (Quote) su will work after upgrading your shell.
    in Magic Comment by trevorphillips May 2020
  • I was able to read the root flag with cat in my impostor file, but trying to set up /bin/bash would result in a root shell echoing back my commands to me: [email protected]:/root# whoami whoami Anyone could explain?
    in Magic Comment by trevorphillips May 2020
  • That was painful. Thanks to @roumy and @ixxelles for hints. PM me if stuck.
  • Anyone care to help with the last step (hopefully...) to user - I found the page and try to get it to connect to my db, but I'm probably doing something wrong with the setup.
  • I'm able to add my script and call it via API, but it only ends up printing the content of my reverse shell .bat file without giving me a shell. I've tried both 32 and 64 bit netcat and with and without '@echo off' command in .bat. Any nudges?
  • User: 1. Gather names from website 2. Build a list of possible usernames (the most popular corporate convention) 3. Run you usernames against the one imp tool which doesn't need a password 4. Use evil tool or Powershell to remote Root: 1. Run a pop…
  • I spent like 10 hours trying to get this root just before machine was going to be retired, but couldn't get past giving my user replication rights as absolutely nothing was working (Powerview master, Powerview dev, anything you could find in any DCS…
  • Help badly needed with root. I can create a new user, add him to two groups found by the dog, two others for remote access, but I'm still unable to run I*****-A*****.ps1 and/or m******z. I think I have to add him to some local group, but I'm unable…
  • Need a little help with root: * Got a password from "empty" file D***********.txt * Can enter debug mode on the high port, but not sure how what I can see there might help me * Decompiled H******.exe, don't have the db file, so I get the …
  • Type your comment> @73pp31in said: (Quote) In the files you find with T******r creds there is a hint on which floor *.***** user lives. Staircase might be entirely dark for a moment, but that doesn't mean you should go back.

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