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  • Fun box, too bad that even an nmap service scan breaks it. That's going to be difficult for people especially once it's out of the release arena. I enjoyed having an Android box, I've never broken into it before. Rooting was also fun.
  • Damn, this box was really painful for me. I don't think I'd consider it a medium. opiuchi, TheNotebook and tenet were way less effort. The foothold alone is 5 steps in my notes, and I got stuck on each one! Felt nice to have a relaxed privesc after …
  • for people using trashy online compilers for linux: Note the .NET core CLI is open sourced and installable on Linux. I didn't know at first and really struggled to get that working (didn't want to wait all day to install Visual Studio), but now I le…
    in Nest Comment by tmsbrg March 2020
  • I thought the point of the HTB{...} flag format was that you always know what the flag is. I was looking for like an hour thinking I need to dig deeper to find the flag until I came to the forum and see it's just what I already found. Kind of lame.
  • I got stuck on this one for longer than I liked. But it was because I didn't know about some of my options, and I wasn't paying enough attention. Thanks for the hints in the thread, they helped me get out of my rabbit holes. I think this challenge i…

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