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  • wasted so many hours trying all out brute force here, but good box, maybe one of my least favorites. Sure i guess its realistic and i learned a bunch about AD but god damn, had no idea i could -request that much info. Anybody know why my python lib…
  • For the record linenum didnt help me, it added so much additional info it masked the simple thing you should be finding in regards to privesc. Basically if you are going down a rabbit hole of any depth, you are taking the wrong path. To me though, …
    in Irked Comment by timmy5 November 2018
  • nc should work for the CVE, keep trying different times and more importantly different payloads. also my hint for root, when you find it you wont expect it, or atleast i didnt, lucky guess for me after reading what was going on with the system.
    in Irked Comment by timmy5 November 2018
  • I wanted to do it without msf, it was a custom payload and not a single thing worked nomatter what i made it do. I found for those that have had issues with non msf exploitation (it seems like most have) it has to do with specific timing of when you…
    in Irked Comment by timmy5 November 2018
  • I cant get that CVE to catch either, i keep hearing steg but no pw even though somethings definately there, ive fuzzed too and its clean mostly. Ive looked for every CVE, Even wrote a few scripts that should have worked. i think im over thinking thi…
    in Irked Comment by timmy5 November 2018
  • Can you guys load this box for more than 3 seconds at a time? seems like somebody is sitting on the reset button and im going to have a stroke over it. its been hours and hours now. up for 10 seconds, down for a minute.

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