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  • This was a fun box, and a great reminder of proper enumeration and research. Thanks @jkr I really enjoyed rooting this one!
    in Traverxec Comment by thr33per January 4
  • Thanks for a fun box @MrR3boot! I learned quite a bit, and really enjoyed it!
    in Mango Comment by thr33per November 2019
  • Rooted! Nice box @guly! Root was easier than user, but overall this one is probably one of my favorite boxes so far in how you privesc to user!
  • Rooted! Thanks to all for the help! I enjoyed learning about the services on this box. Thanks for providing it, @TheCyberGeek!
  • Could someone provide a nudge via PM? I'm looking for LFI with l*** but I'm not finding anything. Am I on the right path? Is there a better tool that I should use?
    in Sniper Comment by thr33per October 2019
  • Finally rooted! It took a couple of days, but was well worth the research. Plenty of hints in this thread to help anyone along! Thanks for the box, @MinatoTW I really enjoyed this one!
    in Heist Comment by thr33per October 2019
  • Finally got root! Thanks for the help @n4v1n @rholas and @bipolarmorgan ! This was a really fun box and I learned a lot!
    in Forest Comment by thr33per October 2019

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