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  • Type your comment> @Bratishka said: (Quote) This does not work. I'd be very interested to hear what I'm doing wrong with such a simple copy and paste exercise.
    in Nest Comment by thegoatreich February 25
  • Can anyone please help me with the dotnetfiddle part for user? I've tried loading the files in dotnetfiddle and also VB but I just get errors. I've tried copying just the decrypt function and still get errors. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
    in Nest Comment by thegoatreich February 24
  • I get booted from my e**l-w****m shell every other command and then can't get back in for a few minutes. therefore I cannot search around for the 2nd user creds. Is this to do with box stability or is there a better shell to use? I'm on VIP and it's…
  • For the root stage, I can't seem to give the Alf account the permissions that the hound suggests but I can creat my own user and give that permission. I can't however give that new account permissions to login so I'm stuck. Any hints please? I've b…
  • Do I need to enumerate the APIs I've found somehow? I have found the creds. Trying to avoid asking too much info but I'm a bit stumped with the next step.
  • Not sure what I'm missing here but I can't see any c*** page. The teacher hint isn't clicking with me either.
  • Anyone willing to look at my exploit code and see why it's hanging please?
  • Where is everyone finding this password policy? Is it on the website or inside the shell somewhere?
  • I use cyberchef but I'm always just randomly sticking things into the recipe with little luck.
  • I'd also be very interested in this. I'm stumbling on lots of the challenges wherever there's any decoding or decrypting to be done.
  • EDIT - GOT IT! PHEW! That was tough.
  • Any chance of a hint on the decoding section please?
  • What's the deal with the DND crests?
  • Anyone got a hint about avoiding the "is no longer signed" message in at-gt?
  • OK, I need to do some reading here. Edit: got it. Thanks
  • Hmm, I've asked the chef and can't get anything out of this. I've not used it before today however so total n00b. Any chance of a hint please?
  • Hey, found the event quite easily. Can see what has happened but as others have said the question for this challenge is very misleading. Anyway can I please get a nudge on the decoding of the string found? I've tried the usual common encoding for…
  • I think I understand what's going on for upload, but I can't seem to get it to work. Can I run this by someone via PM please?
  • Can somebody please give me a hand using sym**nk to get anything meaningful?
  • Thanks though :)
    in Safe Comment by thegoatreich August 2019
  • I tried that but still nothing. I used jtr in the end which went fine.
    in Safe Comment by thegoatreich August 2019
  • OK. I have the root password from k**"£ss but I can't login with it. WTF? Any clues?
    in Safe Comment by thegoatreich August 2019
  • Type your comment> @nospace said: (Quote) Have a look at IPSec's Bitterman video. Does anyone have an idea how I can get hashcat to run in a VM environment when I can't use GPU? I've tried all the results I've found online but I still can't get…
    in Safe Comment by thegoatreich August 2019
  • Any chance of a PM regarding getting my exploit to run locally? It's just hanging at the moment.
    in Safe Comment by thegoatreich August 2019
  • Narrowed all my issues down to the fact that I spawned a shell from sq*£)$ap. It wasn't running the py script properly and erroring out. Used a different way in and the script ran properly and got user. Thanks to @f3v3r and @solsound on Discord an…
    in Jarvis Comment by thegoatreich July 2019
  • Does anyone know why I used to be able to use s&lm*p on this box with no issues, and now as soon as I do I get banned? So frustrating not being able to get back to where I was. Nvm. Tamper scripts enabled me to get back to os_shell. Back to t…
    in Jarvis Comment by thegoatreich July 2019
  • This is killing me off. I reset the box as I was getting EOF errors from the py script. Now I get the banned message and the tool I used to remote shell previously will not connect. Reset again and I'm banned immediately. Waiting 90 seconds does no…
    in Jarvis Comment by thegoatreich July 2019
  • All I ever get from this s*****py script with the added command is "No output" or the help menu even if I purposely put things that are mean to be forbidden. Banging my head against the wall!!!
    in Jarvis Comment by thegoatreich July 2019
  • Got user with a few nudges from @Leonishan and @jfx41 (respect on its way) Got root about 5 minutes later. Great box, learned a lot once again.
    in Craft Comment by thegoatreich July 2019

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