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  • Hey man, I'm stucked at the same point. Did you find a way to solve it?
  • Ciao nemen, bella idea, approvo in pieno ;)
    in Italiani Comment by thed4ve July 2019
  • @g0blin I suggest to upgrade the number of machine one can run a time. Before we can play with more than one machine, now if I try to run another one I can't. Maybe you can upgrade to 2 or 3?
  • Got user and root. This machine was easier that I thought, I lost myself just because a didn't do enough enumeration and this is very bad. Thanks to @takeiteasy @anonymous187 and @halfluke that helped me out. About user: enumeration, enumeration,…
    in Luke Comment by thed4ve June 2019
  • Finally solved!!!! This machine was amazing, I've learned a lot expecially in the second part :) Thanks to everyone who helpded me, especially @m4xp0wer @htejeda and @opt1kz Here my hints: User: enumerate very well the site until you find someth…
    in Ellingson Comment by thed4ve May 2019
  • Ah ok, I didn't know about that, I read the news in LinkedIn and it didn't specify that. Thanks!
  • But it's not the 19:00 UTC! Why it was retired earlier? Thanks for the write up anyway :)
  • But it's not the 19:00 UTC! Why it was retired earlier? Thanks for the write up :)
  • And even this is done! This was very hard because I don't have a lot of experience with MS SQL, but thanks to the hint of G***y and a little help of @D3vnull I've won the first obstacle. I've really learn a lot thanks to this machine! Hints: * In…
    in Querier Comment by thed4ve May 2019
  • FInally got user and root! Thanks to everyone that helped, unfortunately I admit that I've lost a lot of time in a rabbit hole trying to use an exploit that, as I undestand, worked for some time but now it doens't. Anyway, here my two cent: user.t…
    in Swagshop Comment by thed4ve May 2019
  • This was one the most difficult machine I've faced until now. Not because it's really hard, but because it's so full of rabbit holes that makes you crazy!!! Anyway, I've got user.txt (after a couple of days) and root.txt, that need a couple of minu…
  • Got user.txt and root.txt! Thanks to @LeziEEEEEEE that helped me with the root part! I've learn a lot from this machine, more about the user part and how to use o*****l and the c**t, and a little thing that I didn't know about the linux permissions…
  • Very interesting box! Got user and root! Thanks to the creator :) I tried using both Linux and Windows and I've to say it, with a Windows machine it is more simpler thant with kali. And it was a good chance to test the famous commando VM, if some i…
    in Bastion Comment by thed4ve May 2019
  • Interesting machine! I've got the user in a different way and not in the intended one (I believe is the one throught the high port). Hint to get a shell: DeLorean (if you don't know what does this mean, you need to invest at least a couple of hour…
  • Very nice machine! I've learned a lot! Getting a shell isn't very difficult, you just have to enumerate the server very well. After the shell getting user is simple as tricky because there is a C** part and to solve it you have to look around very …
    in Irked Comment by thed4ve April 2019
  • Solved! This was an amazing challenge, I've learned a lot. The second part required a little of effort to arrange "something" but it was worth it. If you need some help just PM me ;-)
    in Keep Tryin Comment by thed4ve April 2019

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