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  • has some good info. Be sure to download/run anything from the site in a VM though (just in case)!
  • Got root, was definitely overthinking it. Was anyone able to get a root shell? Gave up on cracking the hash after getting the flag..
    in Irked Comment by th1rtytw0 November 2018
  • Rooted. Getting user was fun, was able to use some things I learned from CTFs a while back. This box ended up being super simple for root, just have to do some typical Windows enumeration and pay attention to syntax once you find the interesting con…
  • Finally got root. Learned something new with this one! Fun box!
  • User was easy after I realized I tried to skip ahead a little after getting a shell. Now I'm stuck on privesc. Have possibly found some trolls and tried experimenting with the two files but not sure what I'm doing wrong or if I'm even on the right t…
  • I found the idk********** and a couple of users s**** and a**** as well as a few other credentials but haven't had any luck logging in. What am I missing? :/
    in Frolic Comment by th1rtytw0 October 2018
  • Well, got the flag. This was easy once I figured out the correct key thanks to a hint in this thread. Still unsure how one would obtain that key without a hint, feel free to PM me if you know how to get it manually.
  • Edit: nevermind, I'm dumb xD
    in Bounty Comment by th1rtytw0 August 2018
  • Can somebody PM me with some help on the parameters for RCE? I've got the right file extension and am uploading what I assume to be the right file but keep getting 500 errors.
    in Bounty Comment by th1rtytw0 August 2018
  • Got root, was pretty easy once I figured out that my packages were outdated for the tool I was trying to use. As said earlier in this thread, this has a lot of real world application and I have used very similar (almost exact) concepts time and time…
  • Hello conan, so all of the machines should be in the 10.10 range so it looks like everything is working fine!
  • Got user, tried getting shell with w*****c and p****c but no luck. Still trying to figure out a way to pop a remote shell so I can access what I need to elevate
  • This was... interesting...
    in Art Comment by th1rtytw0 July 2018
  • Finally got the root flag but was unable to root. I got the root hash from the shadow file as well, but was unable to crack it after a days worth of trying with rockyou and many other wordlists. Can anyone that cracked the hash PM me to let me know …
  • This box was fun! Took me forever to get user access because of formatting. (Quote) Enumerate more!
    in Valentine Comment by th1rtytw0 July 2018
  • Can somebody pm me with a hint on catching a reverse shell? I've tried multiple extensions but not catching a callback.. just need a push in the right direction!
    in Bounty Comment by th1rtytw0 July 2018

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