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  • Type your comment> @Pierl666 said: (Quote) Awesome! Glad you got it!
    in Monteverde Comment by tekkenpc March 5
  • Just finished this one, for me the worst part was the first pair of credentials, the guessing name is not really my thing, but felt stupid once i realized that the pwd was, doh! Don't overcomplicate things, everything is right in front of you! For…
    in Monteverde Comment by tekkenpc March 4
  • What a nice box, i just managed to get root and it was really interesting :) Don't overcomplicate like i did, once you find the vulnerability that you need to exploit stick to that and don't overcomplicate. Feel free to PM me for any hints :)
  • Just got root, oh men what a challenge !! Definitely teached me a couple of tricks to use in powershell. Took me a while as i was searching for the wrong user in the **.dp Ping me for any hints that i might be able to provide :)
    in Heist Comment by tekkenpc November 2019
  • I just managed to get root, definitely learned a couple new things with this new box. @nardin your tip about checking the seclist.org vulnerability was definitely a light spot for me! Many thanks for that. Feel free to ping me in case of any doubt…
  • Just finalised path to root, very cool box and my first one in HTB ! Thanks @cycl0ps for the tip you gave me :)
  • Was able to decrypt the i*****.**k , although always getting "Connection closed by" , looking into the sshd config i can see that the user is actually denied to login via ssh, is this expected?
  • Hi all, Kind of stuck in this one. i was able to connect to the r**** service through the cli tool. Was able to set it as slave of my rogue server running through a script i found. Everything appears to be set correct, even prompted in that scrip i…
  • After some many hours trying and trying, was able to get the flag :) Really nice challenge that teached me a lot, kudos to the creator!
  • Hi all, I've been stuck with this challenge for quite a while. I'm currently trying to understand the main assembly functions using ida free and also using gdb to try to the debug the program. I believe i identified some of the places where i can e…

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