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  • (Quote) +1 this too. This is needed so badly. I know a couple dozen people that would get vip accounts if only they could pay with btc.
  • Finally \o/ I can finish access!
  • Finally \o/ thanks to all who have helped. I've learned my lesson about vpn's and reverse shells and to rt-mother-fuckin-m!
    in Netmon Comment by sysDom June 2019
  • This is a great review, thanks! I'm about to start the OSCP lab, so I'm focusing on HTB until it starts. I'm really worried about the time contrainsts, more so because of the awkwark kali vm they make you use. It normally takes me a full night to ge…
  • I got it! I finally got it \o/ Advice for root: Try doing what you're attempting to do locally - if you have a gnu/linux distro available to you.
    in Curling Comment by sysDom February 2019
  • ok I was able to find /t*******s/b***3/ but I don't know how mange uploading anything, and this s****t.txt is really getting to me. If its not ment to be used to login then what is it supposed to be used for?
    in Curling Comment by sysDom November 2018
  • I've been trying to brute force a login, and hydra keeps erroring out, am I wasting my time?
    in Curling Comment by sysDom November 2018
  • Is anyone else experiencing unavailabiliity? I keep getting timeout errors. I've tried this on 2 seperate occations and it keeps happening.
    in Curling Comment by sysDom November 2018
  • I'm really kind of salty about this one because i was just on the virge of getting root, and I put it down having grown tired only for it to be retired when I returned. But what really gets me is I was a single mistake away from solving it. Better l…

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