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  • Type your comment> @oxroot said: (Quote) Did you get a shell as the DB user? I am still stuck .
  • (Quote) Use something you already found to convert the junk data into something meaningful. If you believe the junk data is really junk, then run the exploit again and see if you get any other result and then repeat the process to uncover the meanin…
  • (Quote) I really cant figure out what I am doing wrong. Removing whitespaces and new lines from the key is not working for me. I know the key is broken and needs some formatting because when I try to use ssh in verbose mode or even ssh2john(just to …
  • Did you guys have to format the key before using? Or did you use it in the format as it was found? I formatted it once by removing whitespaces and new lines and it successfully worked, but unable to reproduce the formatting. The key is not working i…
  • Someone please give a hint for privilege escalation
  • (Quote) sorry abt that. I tried editing/deleting my post but the forums doesn't allow it. will make sure to be more discreet now onwards :(
  • to be honest, you dont even need the mirai list of credentials. simple googling for defaults after you recongnize the device works.

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