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  • thanks rooted!
  • Did someone use the tool POC tool "". Is that the right way?
    in Json Comment by supercop89 October 2019
  • Is it possible to create the connection also with the network manager from Strong***** or just with the configs?
    in Conceal Comment by supercop89 April 2019
  • Rooted, thanks for the machine. Sometimes weird but ok
    in Chaos Comment by supercop89 April 2019
  • Thanks for the machine. Rooted!
  • Please let me know if the way with mem******d is the right way? :/
  • It's possible that the creator checks the https service?
  • I have the valid user for the xp.... but i'm on the right way with a reverse shell via xp...? :/
  • Type your comment> @supercop89 said: (Quote) ok i found it .. thanks :)
  • Is it normal that with the technique with re****** and xp_di***** every time there is another hash? I'm on the right way? maybe the wrong technique or tool? Very short hash format :/ any hints?
  • Hi, can someone help me with getting root? I know what is happening, i know which commands get executed but i cant get "wild" enough to gain enough privileges to read root.txt or gaining a root shell. Thanks
  • (Quote) Thanks for your fast help. I know the port for the right way but don't know which tool i have to use for the connection. Zabber is new for me and i don't know if there is a default client for zabber in kali available.
  • (Quote) Thanks for your help. WTF there was a username typo error when i made the login :/. The day before i used the correct user. Therefore it was not possible to get the "GUI Access message" ;) Anybode can help me which tool i can use …
  • Anybody knows why the login isn't possible anymore? i tried the enumerated user but every time "Login name or password is incorrect." is shown. The same situation after box reset :/ No "gui access is disabled" or other stuff :di…
  • Can anybode gave a hint to find out in which directory the server executes the upload? :) dirb and dirbuster find no additional directory :/
  • Maybe someone can give me a hint for the *** Inj****n on the login page. I think there is a little mistake in the syntax. Please PM or i'm on the wrong path?
  • Got user and root in one hour. Very nice idea and box. Great :)
  • Thanks for the help. It's very interesting because it seems that there are different ways to be root with ssh :dizzy:
  • Thanks for the great support in this thread

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