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    in Mischeif Comment by strife February 19
  • A want to be surgeon can't start by using a knife on a body, he has to understand the body first. You seem to need to learn a bit more, at least for that challenge, in order to move forward. Go through the tutorials, watch some videos, read some wr…
  • Need a nudge. Passed 2nd login and get the command stuff. Ran out of ideas on how to progress after spending hours working it from different angles. Not even sure the breadcrumbs left on page is true given the nature of the machine.. PM please.
  • Rooted at last. Had some issues with the threads most talked about command but after reset it worked better, guessing someone just left the box after completion and it behaved badly.. I was never able to get the root.txt output by using the on boar…
    in Access Comment by strife December 2018
  • See many asking for PM for hints, as I dont want to spoil and like to be effective I would prefer you PM me if you still need hints. But tell me where you are and what you have done so far.
    in Curling Comment by strife December 2018
  • (Quote) What you need is in the forum posts. Take a step back before you can move forward.
    in Curling Comment by strife December 2018
  • Root shell acquired. But using a very very messy and intrusive way that probably broke some stuff along the way. Would like to discuss root shell methods with those who completed the box, pm if interested. Can give hints too, but explain what you …
    in Curling Comment by strife December 2018

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