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  • Type your comment> @lightfu said: (Quote) I've sent you a message with some tips :)
    in Magic Comment by sqw3Egl May 11
  • Is anyone available to point out where I'm going wrong with my python script? I am about to introduce my computer to the window! Any help appreciated.
    in Mango Comment by sqw3Egl December 2019
  • Type your comment> @dodo said: (Quote) Been after something just like this. Looks great, thanks for the tip :)
  • Finally rooted! That was a steep, frustrating learning curve! Highlighted how much I have to learn with Windows/Powershell boxes!! New tools and new techniques, thanks @MinatoTW for the challenge :)
    in Heist Comment by sqw3Egl November 2019
  • Finally owned it! User was much more difficult than root - I certainly over-complicated, over-thought every step and went down every rabbit hole! Note to self: Keep it simple stupid :) Thanks to @beorn and @MrW0l05zyn for the nudge with foothold. PM…
    in Postman Comment by sqw3Egl November 2019
  • hi guys, i am able to get the CVE script to login, but it fails at "retrieving the poller_token". I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong/missing - anyone else seeing this issue? Not sure if its a wall thing or something else. All help appreciat…
    in Wall Comment by sqw3Egl September 2019
  • After hours pulling my hair out, using nmap scripts, metasploit modules and every variation of the output of the port as a password - it came to me...find a tool you haven't used before! hey presto I'm in and off and running. Amazing what a walk to …
    in Carrier Comment by sqw3Egl November 2018
  • Wow that was painfull!! Almost two full days with a reverse shell and many rabbits holes later and I finally got root. Turns out I had all needed for a while but just didn't use it correctly. Lessons learnt, but I still don't like Windows boxes!
    in Jeeves Comment by sqw3Egl March 2018
  • (Quote) just with metasploit - there are options you can configure to make it work and be stable.
    in Chatterbox Comment by sqw3Egl March 2018
  • Woo - got root.txt. Once I got a stable meterpreter session it was easy - took longer to do the nmap scan :)
    in Chatterbox Comment by sqw3Egl March 2018
  • got root.txt :) after some delays due to vpn problems
    in Valentine Comment by sqw3Egl March 2018
  • Finally!!!! got user.txt - been trying for hours with the bloomin' username problem. It's easy when you get it but SO frustrating when you just can't "see" it!
    in Valentine Comment by sqw3Egl March 2018

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