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  • Rooted. Holy crap. That is NOT an easy box. This is more like a Windows Forensics CTF box with rabbit holes, coding, decrypting, crying, navigating new services you're not familiar with, and enumeration. I did it all on Linux. PM me if you need hel…
    in Nest Comment by squirrelpizza January 30
  • Working on root, never done this kind of investigating before. I found the .exe, xml and empty file, I found the high numbered port that we can telnet to. Which file do I decompile and what's the recommended tool for this? Anyone have a link or reso…
    in Nest Comment by squirrelpizza January 29
  • I have both Sec+ and CISSP. I would say skip the Sec+ and go for CISSP. CISSP has everything Sec+ has and more. CISSP is a beast in its own right, you have to learn the rules in ISC2's reality. Think like a high level boss in terms of how to defend …
  • I've tried two different online compilers. I keep getting the error message "'Utils' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level." Google doesn't provide a solution. Is there something extra I need to put in the cod…
    in Nest Comment by squirrelpizza January 28
  • When I execute the script in an online compiler, where do I place RU_Config.xml? Do I create another window in the online compiler and paste in the username and encrypted password? Or if I did this in visual studio, do I just have the xml file in th…
    in Nest Comment by squirrelpizza January 28
  • Spoiler Removed
    in Nest Comment by squirrelpizza January 27
  • Rooted. Root takes a little playing around with to get it. PM if you need help.
  • Rooted. PM if you need help. This box makes you focus on searching thru the file system
  • Rooted. PM if you need help. Foothold requires some enumeration in the file system, then after that the steps are similar to openadmin
  • Rooted. Very CTF like box. Feel free to PM for help. Enum all directories with different directory enum tools to find some creds use this: https://medium.com/dev-bits/a-guide-for-adding-jwt-token-based-authentication-to-your-single-page-node…
    in Luke Comment by squirrelpizza July 2019
  • I got only one set of creds from a directory, can someone give me a nudge on how to get the other set of creds? I think the previous comments said to get the other creds thru poking around on the high ports?
    in Luke Comment by squirrelpizza June 2019
  • (Quote) Python3 -c ‘import pty;pty.spawn(“/bin/bash”);’ Ctrl Z to foreground stty raw -echo fg Enter twice
  • Rooted. I know everyone was saying this was easy but I guess this shows how much of a newb I am. Learning from videos is one thing but actually applying it is another. For user: Find the right python script, after you get to the next step, then fin…
  • I tried the instructions on the alternate tcp connections, didn't work for me. I'm still getting error messages on some web pages for tartar sauce that should be good to go

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