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  • I am stuck on memo... i have the binary but can't find a way to crack it :-/ Any hints on this one?
  • Type your comment> @Ljugtomten said: (Quote) Thks! I think i know what you mean! :-D I was finally able to reproduce everything locally but now the fortress is down (giving 504 Gateway Time-out), so i guess i will have to wait :-P
  • I am trying to get Overflown but i am stuck... i have the offset but can't seem to figure out how to run my code :-/ Any hints?
  • What a ride.... I was finally able to root it! Learned a lot... still hate windows boxes :-P
    in Sniper Comment by snox November 2019
  • Finally Rooted!! What a ride! Learnt a lot. Many thanks to the box creator, very good work!
    in Forest Comment by snox November 2019
  • Rooted! Fun box. For user i had to reset the box in order to get the default directory for r****, so make sure you know where you are.
    in Postman Comment by snox November 2019
  • I> @deviate said: (Quote) I did, but i couldn't make sense of it... until now! :-P I had no idea that method existed! Thanks @TigaxMT for pointing me in the right direction.
    in Jarvis Comment by snox June 2019
  • I got shell was w**-***a user and i have found but i can't bypass those forbidden characters! I really have no clue of what other characters i can use to accomplish what i need to :-/ Can anyone point in the right direction?
    in Jarvis Comment by snox June 2019
  • Rooted! In my opinion this box is too much CTF-like... and the fact that there is no privesc is very Disappointing :-/ Anyway, my hints for this box are: * Enumerate everything * Explore all services... specially the one that gives you an odd resp…
    in Luke Comment by snox May 2019
  • I am completely lost on this one! I have SFTP access... i can "proxy commands" using a SFTP flag but i can't figure out how to tunnel correctly since i can't get direct ssh connection! I've even tried a tool i've used before, ch**el which…
    in onetwoseven Comment by snox May 2019
  • Hey guys! I am trying this box but i am having a hard time finding a valid username! i found the bin file and i've got a DB connection script which contains a usename and password, but i keep getting "Login failed for user 'r********g'". I…
    in Querier Comment by snox May 2019
  • User and Root... got mix felling about this box. The first part is very CTF like, although the rbash was really nice and i got to learn something new. Root is not hard although i haven't done anything like that so it took me a while to figure out. …
    in Chaos Comment by snox March 2019
  • I have the password (and i have the hint for the "missing" char), but still, i can't log in! I've put together a list of possible usernames, being 2 of those possibilities the name in the text starting with lower and upper case... but no l…
    in Teacher Comment by snox February 2019
  • Type your comment> @Rucker said: (Quote) Same here! Yesterday it worked, and got the popcorn gif, but today i tried to access i got connection refused! :anguished:
  • Rooted! After 2 days of struggle... This got to be my favorite box, learned so much! If someone need help just PM me.
    in Carrier Comment by snox February 2019
  • Finally got root! User was anoying, i had trouble getting the file without "corruption"... Hope this is not a spoiler but... think "binary" :-D Has for root... i found it pretty easy once i found the hint in the desktop... Havi…
    in Access Comment by snox February 2019
  • Finally got root! Fun box! Root is really in front of you... Timestamps might help ;-)
    in Curling Comment by snox January 2019
  • Finally got root! After two days banging my head... Just wanna to thank the creator because this is a very good box!
    in Giddy Comment by snox January 2019
  • Finally root! I Really enjoy this box. Congrats to the creator, good fun! Didn't use N****** on port XXXX but i will give it a try. User: Read the code, careful... don't just use it as is... ;-) Root: too easy... seriously, its that obvious.

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