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  • Type your comment> @rholas said: (Quote) exactly, I think that too. We should be able to see files with that program, using that functionality... but we need THAT password, and THAT file is actually empty....
    in Nest Comment by sniperhack January 27
  • USER: completed. ROOT: found the exe file, but not sure on how to use it, since I have not a shell on the machine (I took user flag through smbclient...) furthermore, I have not found the high port, even after nmap/masscan... any hint?
    in Nest Comment by sniperhack January 27
  • got i--r, got C---s, got the user flag and a stable shell. I read the documents left by my CEO, but no clue on how to get further to root.... help pls
    in Sniper Comment by sniperhack January 4
  • any hint for initial foothold? already enumerated with dirb, registered as a normal user, but no way on what to do know.... pls help
  • enumerated, got the right host on the 443 port, but stack at the pop-corn gif.... gobuster is very unstable now.... any hint?
  • no idea on how to decode the ???!!!?-message D:
  • i'm able to execute code both on server and agent, but unable to got a stable rev shell, due to timeout... found also a my**l credential, but unable to login on the db from server... any help?
  • Got reverse shell (still www-data...), found the p*******-b*****, but I don't know his format... help pls
  • got the m****** user, escaped from the little jail... any hint? D:
  • a little question, maybe I am doing something wrong: got user, I would open a meterpreter session, and I have the key, but from msf I can only open a basic shell with auxiliary/scanner/ssh/ssh_login_pubkey: Active sessions Id Name Type …
  • Got user, the n***** user, no idea how to privesc... hint pls D:
  • found the two creds, the higher UDP port, and the service bindend on localhost (so unable to contact...). Any hint at this point?
    in Mischeif Comment by sniperhack July 2018
  • any hint for priv esc?
    in Bounty Comment by sniperhack June 2018
  • still can't log in with the two users found....
    in Falafel Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • Found the login, entered credentials, unable to get a shell. The upload (file or plugin) is not working. Any hint? D:
  • got user, got content of zip file, found the root service and tried to connect: auth successful but white screen D: Have I any problem on my machine, or is it normal?
    in Poison Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • Got user shell, got the control of the blog, but unable to get root D :
    in Aragog Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • got user flag without shell, but i need it now for the root flag. i have the two files (t. and h****.***), combined them for the user flag, but I can't execute RCE... I have noticed the strange header in one service, but I can't figure out the true…
    in Aragog Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • Got it. It was THERE!
    in Jeeves Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • please PM me for the root flag, I'm getting crazy.
    in Jeeves Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • Got root and looked "deeper", but can't find the flag. Any hint?
    in Jeeves Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • (Quote) my dear friend says it take too much time for his "ceh" job...
    in AX Jeeves Comment by sniperhack May 2018
  • got user priv and stable reverse meterpreter, found various interesting files, but unable to use them... could you please help me on priv esc?
    in AX Jeeves Comment by sniperhack May 2018

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