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  • Type your comment> @71xn said: (Quote) UUUUUGH. You know it's one thing to search online for known vulnerabilities, but when the site looks like regurgitated dogs breakfast, has errors in nearly every page, and the software name is utterly gener…
  • (Quote) Standard windows dev tools should work
    in Cascade Comment by shogunx July 20
  • Well after some initial frustration, I really enjoyed this box. It is the first Medium box I've tried, and happy to say I managed to get root mostly without help. After finding the user list with relative ease, I got stuck finding the creds for the …
    in Cascade Comment by shogunx July 20
  • Well this box took me longer than it should have, I spent way too much time looking for a working unauthenticated exploit for U****** because I foolishly overlooked the N** port when I struck out trying to enum S**. \ Even once I found the N** port…
    in Remote Comment by shogunx July 16
  • Well it may have taken me a couple of days, but I am pretty chuffed as this is the first machine I have pwned all the way to root without checking the forum for hints. I think I wasted a huge chunk of time looking for access after I got the initial …
    in Sauna Comment by shogunx July 13
  • Finally got root... this box took me a loooong time to get and I needed a lot of hints which I took from this thread. In retrospect I overlooked a few obvious things early on which slowed me down and caused me no end of frustration when I couldn't e…
    in Admirer Comment by shogunx July 9
  • OK... I literally wasted all day on the foothold for this box, even after I read the first few pages of this thread for hints... all the tips about "do more enumerating" did not help one bit. Even the pointers about the file location being…
  • Ah... I keep getting caught out not taking enough time to look around once I get the rook key, I'll have to try keep that in mind.
  • I saw in another thread on this topic that the problem is caused by people not properly exiting their sqlmap shells, for some reason it causes the box to lock up. I did manage to get through it myself the other day, after giving up and coming back l…

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