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  • Really great box overall. It is cool seeing that kind of vulnerability used on HTB. Learned many things on the FreeBSD side.
  • Hi everyone, I found the foothold but cannot make it work... I'm stuck with a credential error using a specific tool (easily found on google) to exploit it... Which is weird is when using the code found on the box I don't have this credential error.…
  • Thanks for your help :) EDIT : Well I'm not sure anymore... I just installed a windows VM on my current computer and it works perfectly I can ssh (with linux subsystem) perfectly and access my python server. So it seems to be coming from my kali VM…
  • @TazWake said: (Quote) I've tested on another computer and everything works fine. It seems the one I'm using daily have something changed suddenly which blocks a lot of thing... hmmm SSH thing is also related (working fine on the other computer)
  • Hi everyone. I started this box 2 days ago and found user without hints which felt very good :blush: I am now stuck onto root (I found same thing as @tacoLlama but can't find anything on it) any hints on root ? EDIT : found root. You just need to e…
  • I think I found the exploit... I manage to make it work locally but when I do it on the real target it doesn't work, any advice ?
  • Type your comment> @HomeSen said: (Quote) Yeah I tried the service locally, I tried searching in /p**c to find info on the process but nothing (to see the new code) and I don't have access to r.*******s directory, does it have smth to do with l*…
  • Hi guys, I'm currently shell as _****d but I cannot find a way to get to the correct user... I saw the same service as the one I used to get my shell but it seems that the exploit have been fixed, I also got the file of the initial service but the c…
  • Hi, thanks everyone for the hints. I managed to get user & root. Foothold : very interesting way of injection User : enumerate... there is one thing you have access to... Root : pretty simple
  • hi guys, I managed to get low privelege shell, now i'm trying to get user... I got the db admin account but can't manage to make RCE work with the well known CVE HomardBoy mentionned. I'm a bit lost because I don't see any other interesting process …
    in Canape Comment by seniuus June 2018

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