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  • Rooted. The initial part of this box was pretty annoying. Thanks to @Chr0x6eOs for the nudge. I know @MrR3boot doesn't require us to brute force anything, but this one seemed to require a lot of educated guessing. After the initial login, it was pre…
    in Quick Comment by seekorswim April 27
  • When I took the exam back in Oct they used a browser plugin named "Janus WebRTC Screensharing"
  • Great tool @0xd1360b. Has become my go to script on linux for getting a quick overview of the system. Has lead me right to what I need more than once.
  • I like the changes. To address @HomeSen issues, you can also keep a window with Shoutbox open so you can cancel resets while you are working on something. When I was on free tier, that's what I did. Paying to be VIP (well worth it for the training a…
  • Rooted! This was a tough box, but a great learning experience for abusing Windows/Active Directory. Finding the right username for the user part was where I got stuck, but thanks to @idomino for the nudge in the right direction. I learned a new tech…
  • Rooted! :smiley: The user part stretched my limits on modern web apps and authentication schemes. The root part was pretty straight forward, but still pretty fun. Nice box @qtc. You can always tell how much time and effort you put into these. It is…
    in Oouch Comment by seekorswim March 5
  • Rooted! This one was pretty tough at every step, but I learned so much and, now that it is done, I can say I enjoyed it. I wouldn't have said that during the experience. ;-) For those considering taking up the challenge, here are some hints to guid…
    in Patents Comment by seekorswim January 29
  • Got it! :-D Who knew playing in a snake’s sandbox could be so fun. Thanks to @undefi for the nudge.
  • Rooted! Wow! That was quite a challenge for me. Learned a lot about the heap though. Thanks to @verdienansein and @idomino for the recommended reading.
  • Finally got user after way too much time over complicating the upload bit. K.I.S.S. On to root...
  • Rooted! After working on it on and off for a week, and a couple of nudges (thanks @will135 and @limbernie), and a couple of reboots... the marathon was complete. I learned a ton and feel much more confident in the tools needed... after spending HOUR…
    in Rope Comment by seekorswim December 2019
  • Rooted! That was a wild ride. Learned a lot. Nice box @0xdf ! I'm probably going to have to go back through it again just to solidify everything in my mind. So many steps! :-D Special thanks to @v1p3r0u5 for always being open to helping... even if …
    in RE Comment by seekorswim December 2019
  • Rooted! Nice box. Everything was pretty straight forward. Tried a lot of ways to get the D** to work based on the information available, but in the end just picked my poison for a one shot command.
  • Type your comment> @brueh said: > hi... could someone help me with with the wav-generation... > i tried A LOT onlinetools, gtts,... > and the sugested "celebrated" seems nothing better... > i changed its …
    in AI Comment by seekorswim November 2019

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