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  • Hey im looking for a (preferred) german team / member to do some boxes together. maybe also some other stuff like RE some applications, doing some boxes from vulnhub, learning and knowledge exchange etc. Just pm me if you are interested.
  • uff finally rootet that beast, one of the "hardest" medium so far for me, not because of "abstract" technology, more because i need much time for try and error, spent more time at user. But also root take me some time. both were …
  • finished the box, if anybody needs help just pm me
  • Type your comment> @6062055 said: (Quote) the first field of the message form is for receipts i think you have tried to enter there some "subject" ;) anyway i sent you a message
  • finished the machine, If anyone need help, just pm me.
  • after a few weeks break from htb and this box i finished it today if anybody need help just pm me
  • Its becouse of the trailing newline / endline char. so your "test" is in effect a "test$" you can prove this with: echo test > test.txt and then open test.txt with vi and enter (in command mode) :set list to display whitespace…
  • Rooted, if i can help some one, just let me know!
  • thx for the box. if anyone need a hint, just pm me.
  • finally rooted, what a ride to root, completely new territory for me, took me a while to understand how to feed the export method exactly. if anyone need help, just pm me.
  • Got it, root was clear and very enjoyable, read the docs and you should get it. user was more difficult becouse a little bit guessing and timing was necessary. if anyone needs help, just pm me.
  • Tough box, espacally of the few rabbit holes and also the p**g command does not work, so i always thought my in**tion does not work. The user part i have glady seen bevor on another box in the past. The Root part was also not too easy for me couse i…
  • done, was a nice box! if anybody need a hint, let me know.
  • rooted, if anyone struggling with the cat: just do it like ippsec would do... pm me for hints
  • Type your comment> @arq said: (Quote) you mean the login to the api? had a similar problem, just pass the password directly in your command and not enter or paste it interactive.
    in ServMon Comment by secure77 April 2020
  • Rooted... nice and funny box but was a lot of reading through the manual, also installed the N**** Client on my machine to rebuild the path. couse the box is down every few minutes. Again to all: there is no need to restart the box or the service!…
    in ServMon Comment by secure77 April 2020
  • Rooted! Very nice box. the foothold and the not working Gobuster took me some time, but with a response injection i could fix it. The RCE was a nice experience. Decryption was also funny and a nice idea. the root part was the easiest one. if anyone…
    in Obscurity Comment by secure77 April 2020
  • Got Root, very nice and funny box, hard to find the debug pass if you are not familiar with this kind of data storage. as im curious, i looked at the service and found a litte easter egg: try to type HTB on the higher port ;)
    in Nest Comment by secure77 April 2020
  • got root much more faster then the first user. tried too much usless stuff (start own web server etc.) to get the secret, but it was way more simple. Thx for the box, pm me if you need a hint.
    in Traverxec Comment by secure77 March 2020
  • got it, nice box, thx for that!
    in Traceback Comment by secure77 March 2020
  • Type your comment> @luckyUser said: (Quote) Just upload a php reverse shell if you need to, but as TazWake already wrote, you dont really need it for the next step.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by secure77 March 2020
  • Hi, i finally i got root after spending much of time into google. Anybody here who get root without decypting? I got full interactive access to j****as shell, also without shh access everthing is working expect of the necessary last s**o commad PER…
    in OpenAdmin Comment by secure77 March 2020

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