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  • Shout out to @acidbat for getting me back on track!!
  • i have valid creds on a service but struggling to use them. Someone want to give me a sanity check? My normal go-to is not working...
  • rooted! The foothold got me for a few days. Privesc wasn't too bad.
  • rooted!! Foothold took me a few hours to figure out. Took a break and revisited it with a fresh mind and had a shell within minutes. Let me know if you're stuck!
  • rooted!! The foothold was the hardest part. After that, its smooth sailing! Shoot me a msg detailing what you've done if necessary.
  • rooted!! That foothold gave me hell for a few days. user: You should already know what to do, trick is to get the payload right. root: Follow the steps you found. Shoot me a message describing what you have done and why you are stuck if necessary!
  • rooted!! Foothold: This was too easy. Enumerate. Google. Fire. Complete. User 1: Again, this was easy depending on how you got your foothold. Enumeration is key. Reading public code also helps here. User 2: This is where I got stuck for the majorit…
  • rooted!! Shout out to @ippsec for the fun! User: This has been very well explained and is pretty straightforward if you follow the clues. Check to see what you can do, and you will figure out how to get from point A to B the to C. root: This took …
  • rooted!! This was an interesting one to say the least!!
    in Remote Comment by rootshooter April 2020
  • rooted!! The priv esc gave me a headache but I finally figured it out!
  • @VbScrub I understand the concept. I am just not too sure I am going about it in the right manner. Edit: I figured out where I was going wrong thanks to @roelvb
  • Anyone available to discuss forwarding??
  • rooted!! Thanks @egotisticalSW for the fun!
  • After letting this box beat me for far to long... rooted!! Thanks @EstamelGG for the push in the right direction!
  • I feel like I am very close to user... Someone mind shooting me a msg so we can discuss where I may be going wrong?
  • I am kind of lost on foothold to be honest. I understand what is vulnerable, I just am not sure of a way forward... I understand Python somewhat but this one is kind of throwing me for a loop.
  • rooted!! This was another fun priv esc. I am starting to get a little better with Windows ;)
  • @TazWake I made a n00b mistake in my script... List was right the whole time.
  • I was a littler over confident after breezing through Resolute... This one knocked me down a peg. I am completely lost on coming up with a password. I have a script to assist with the login process I believe but still reaching for thin air on the pa…
  • rooted!! First Medium box! The priv esc was fun!!! I would also like to see the secondary option if someone wouldn't mind shooting that to me in a msg.
  • rooted!! I had a ton of fun on this one. Shout out to @Vbscrub for the challenge, I am looking forward to your future boxes!
  • User seemed really easy and straight to the point. By far the fastest user I’ve ever gotten. Now time to put the pieces together for root!
  • Finally rooted!!! I feel like this took me far too long... I learned so much about Windows and Active Directory in the process! Definitely my favorite box so far. Huge thanks to @N0tAC0p and @Vbscrub for the help!
  • Anyone have their cat stuck in a perpetual loop?? Msg me if you gotta fix!
  • I have been stuck with some creds I gathered for a couple days now...would someone mind shooting me a msg so we can discuss what I have tried to do with them? EDIT: I finally got user. Now to get Domain Admin!
  • rooted this yesterday!! I feel like this is one of the easier machines that requires some manual work (which I prefer). Shoot me a msg if you end up getting stuck.
  • rooted! I definitely had a few facepalm moments here. Shoot me a msg if you need a little push in the right direction!
  • I've held off for a few days now.....looking for a little push in the right direction. I have read this entire thread multiple times and I am still stuck with a certain "private space". Someone mind shooting me a message so we can discuss?
  • someone mind shooting me a message to discuss root?
  • @TazWake I figured it out, thanks anyways!

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