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  • Rooted User: You have one password, try to get it working. Something evil happens when SysAdmins are lazy. Then go to the roots and force your way in Root: You will find what you will abuse. After that I´ll say following: The file you will use ca…
  • Rooted Quit interesting (and fast) machine. Still dont know why my payload didnt work but thanks to @nullorzero for helping in debugging something we both didnt see
    in Json Comment by rheaalleen October 2019
  • @Orka123 Nothing wrong with the script, the machine/login you are talking about has user/passwords that "work" as login but arent valid for anything
  • Guess I´ll try in the morning, found everything on Twitter but VM was powered down already
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NjNL4Nsa4Q Loving the box so far
  • @elearning You mean the zip isn't needed for the flag?
  • @DeDeReporter said: (Quote) You mean my post?
  • Rooted, really liked the box. Since you have the sources all you had to do was understand the code and go through it step by step. User On VIP you didn't get spoilers just by visiting however on Free its a total different story. If you really want…
  • You have to start retired machines if they arent active on your VIP server
  • Learned to use a new tool, funny and short challenge
  • @syserror I didnt use anything special and havent updated in a while. I ran dirb with standard wordlist (meaning only url as parameter). If you want to be safe * apt purge dirb * apt install dirb * dirb -u url -z 100
  • Thanks to @innominate Didnt know that functionality of the tool. My hint would be that the initial thing you have to find in the code is easier to spot in view-source:// and not in developer menu. The source served me an easy to read oneliner
  • @sazouki Enumeration wasn't my main problem but interpretation. The scripts/processes you use are pretty much just conversion to Windows.
    in Heist Comment by rheaalleen August 2019
  • Rooted Machine proved that I do too much on Linux, was quite stuck on root because initially I didn't know where to look and after because I had some faulty downloads and command arguments. I think I'm going too look for the other ways to root as …
    in Heist Comment by rheaalleen August 2019
  • Rooted Very interesting box and had a lot of fun. The parts were I got stuck weren't even bad because it wasn't of the machine but lack of correct syntax. Even RTFM was interesting since if you didn't have the correct command you still could explor…
    in Craft Comment by rheaalleen August 2019
  • that box made me angry Rooted but you will doubt yourself without the tip from the forum that you have to rename the file completely after using it once, doesn't matter if it ran or not.
    in Haystack Comment by rheaalleen July 2019
  • If I try to guestmount the B*****p nothing ends up in my local directory, any ideas? Feel free to PM
    in Bastion Comment by rheaalleen June 2019

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