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  • Rooted. Pretty awesome box I must say! Learnt a lot. 9/10! PM is open for anything on the box.
    in Player Comment by qkx January 12
  • Enjoyed the root! Simple yet interesting. Enumerating the whole directory was not so fun though but a necessary learning point. Happy to help anyone if I can.
    in Resolute Comment by qkx January 7
  • Did not find the hint helpful, the ones that are pointing to the box name that is. Even now after rooting it's a big nono from my POV. I had initially thought correctly about what I was dealing with even without them but wasn't quite sure because I …
    in Mango Comment by qkx January 6
  • Fun box! I enjoyed it. PM is open if anyone needs it.
    in Obscurity Comment by qkx January 3
  • Interesting machine. User was pretty cool. PM if anyone needs some help.
    in Craft Comment by qkx December 2019
  • This box required a lot of research I must say. At the end of it, I'm nowhere near understanding Windows AD but this was quite a step in that direction. Regardless, PM if you need a nudge.
    in Forest Comment by qkx December 2019
  • In my experience with using OllyDBG, after dealing with the anti-debugging techniques some instructions were not being displayed correctly which hindered my RE analysis and got me stuck. Tried x32dbg and managed to solve it from there. Hope someone…
    in debugme Comment by qkx December 2019
  • Type your comment> @fhlipZero said: (Quote) this.
  • Need a nudge on user. I'm able to ping back to my machine but failing to construct commands to get shell. Does it matter the specified payload used in payload generation? I seem to be able to ping back using 2 out of the many listed. Maybe I have to…
    in Arkham Comment by qkx May 2019

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