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  • Cant get the d***** p*** to work, found the ma*****t and Di**** but still, could someone PM me a hint pls?
    in Registry Comment by prutz November 8
  • -nvm
    in Jarvis Comment by prutz November 6
  • staring at login page, think I get what the name is about , higher port isn't open and tried legit logins and '- logins. Anyone can give me a nudge?
    in Mango Comment by prutz October 31
  • anyone got a hint for the dump? File is way to big to scroll through <---- git gut scrub, should read more
    in Heist Comment by prutz October 31
  • Can somebody PM me a hint for the priv esc, trying to use pd.e** cant get any output though. Nvm, try to use more powerfull
    in Heist Comment by prutz October 30
  • Got a low priv shell, now trying to get user. I saw when something runs, and got c*****a*****.***. Also thanks to leftovers/forumposts I get what should be done. However I cant figure out exactly what and why it should work, anyone I could PM for a …
    in Networked Comment by prutz October 20
  • Can someone PM a hint for root flag? I got access to both users, got access to the zip but clueless on what to do now. Not getting much wiser reading about capabilities
    in Lightweight Comment by prutz February 1
  • @SpZ can you PM a hint?
  • Can someone PM hint for Root, really stuck, not sure what to look for
    in Irked Comment by prutz December 2018
  • Can someone give a hint for root? I know where to look, just not what to look for
    in Curling Comment by prutz October 2018
  • Finally got it, so many little details are important, thanks everyone!
  • Can anyone give, or PM a hint how to actually get admin? I can runas administrator but Im not able to open a prompt etc.
  • Was able to obtain root.txt however I am not able to read the file yet, can anyone PM me a hint?
    in Access Comment by prutz October 2018
  • Can anyone give a direction for priv esc? Got user, not too sure how certutils i supposed to help me with priv esc
    in Access Comment by prutz October 2018
  • @MarcosSGomes I believe I get what you are talking about, however Im not too sure what I can do with it
  • Can someone give me a hint for priv esc, go back in the past brings some idea's but not sure what I can do with it? Or can I send someone a message?
  • Can someone PM me a hint for priv esc? Not sure how to proceed..
  • Got user, can someone PM how I should've found the place to upload? Did some random guess work. Maybe shouldve ran my buster a bit longer?
  • @drywaterv2 make sure the format is correct, try to upload a XML without malicious payload first. Also, read carefully.
  • Got usr, and im able to get eyes on the machine.. however still as usr. Any hint on how to get root. I did read the article provided in the hints but it doesnt get me much further
    in Poison Comment by prutz June 2018
  • I am having trouble with getting root, I tried the dirty way but it doesnt seem to work. Any hints? nvm, got it in the end. However can someone PM me where the hint in enum was supposed to be?
    in Valentine Comment by prutz May 2018
  • I am running it as root :/
    in Da Vinci Comment by prutz May 2018
  • does it work tho?? (Image)
  • I got the pass for the first picture, got a key that i encrypted. But it does not work for pic2 any clues?
    in Da Vinci Comment by prutz May 2018

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