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  • is the se***.jpg a rabbit hole or needed to get to ka***_*dm ?
    in Ghoul Comment by poynting May 2019
  • @MinatoTW what about the files in /tmp owned by root? Edit: nevermind i'm an idiot - other people's stuff - thanks for the reply though :)
    in Ghoul Comment by poynting May 2019
  • just a trick i did on the pl*****oad to not even bother for searching my file: i took a look at how other plu*ns are coded and just added the first line of the code on my plin. After the upload i got a nice link to my file on the front page together…
  • What an amazing box!!! Thank you @jkr for putting all the effort!! I loved that box, especially the root part!! very original and very exciting!! edit to provide some (as subtle as possible) hints for the box: For User: The box gives you creds an…
  • anyone past the login page that can provide a nudge on what to do with the e****.php?
    in Kryptos Comment by poynting April 2019
  • rooted with the help of @br0k3nc0rk ! didn't have to use use the QR code
  • User & ROOT :smile: Reading through the comments I was confused about the time travel because for me it worked out of the box, and then I realized where I live :tongue: Nice box! :smiley:
  • i get a weird behavior from meterpreter - can anyone help please?
    in Frolic Comment by poynting March 2019

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