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  • Update.. got it.
    in Forest Comment by poule November 2019
  • Can someone help with API key. I think I manage to write correct "job" so that it can bypass WAF.. and now I'm stuck at API key :(
    in Smasher2 Comment by poule September 2019
  • (Quote) I didn't have too much time in OSCP labs. I only had a budget for 30 days of lab time. Since I was new to penetration testing I was trying to do as much as I can in those 30 days (taking into account that I have daily job and family). All in…
    in onetwoseven Comment by poule April 2019
  • Can anyone give a hint how to upload S** file in public folder. I'm stuck on that step :D
    in Sizzle Comment by poule January 2019
  • Yes, please separate CTF from "Real word" boxes. That would be awesome as I "hate" spending time on a box just to realize it's initial foothold is via credentials stored in image by using stegenography etc. I'm sure there are peo…
  • Can someone please share a link to a good resource for learning how to exploit my**** file? I tried to create my .so file and play with path but it always loads default one :/
    in Dab Comment by poule November 2018
  • Did anyone mange to use Zax exploits which are available via searchsploit? I tried to use them but all without success. So now I wrote custom python script to communicate with Zax A*I and I'm trying to figure out (via Za***x documentation) how to se…
    in Zipper Comment by poule November 2018
  • Rooted the box. Getting user.txt pure CTF thing. But getting root was fun and very easy. If someone needs hint - PM me.
    in Curling Comment by poule November 2018
  • Can someone please give some hints for initial foothold? Is there some other service running on nonstandard port? I have been trying to scan all ports but it takes ages to finish (20+ hours) and I currently don't see how can I utilize content of a d…
    in Reel Comment by poule September 2018

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