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  • Is it me or is this box really unstable? The ports are up one minute then all of a sudden they are gone. I'm not even hammering it, just manual password guessing using crackmapexec.
  • I've been at this for a few hours and the concept is great (it's been quite fun) but one of the vulnerabilities (the simulated bit) is very flakey - I get these things are hard to implement but man it is frustrating the f**k out of me! :-/
  • Really enjoyed this box, thanks to @VbScrub. The only part that caught me out was the 'empty' file but once I realised it was obvious! As always, happy to give nudges.
  • Rooted this box. Took me two days to get a shell - I way over complicated this! Less than 30 minutes to escalate to user, not sure if it's the intended way, but I've used this technique before. Happy to share with others. Got root in less than te…
  • Just rooted this box. No need to alter any exploit code, runs 'off the shelf' if you read the instructions. Happy to give nudges - PM me if required.
  • Finally rooted it! One of my favourite boxes, thanks @thek for a great box! Happy to give nudges to anybody that is stuck. DM me.
  • Wow! I've managed to get command execution as the second user. Took some effort!!! xD This is a tough box, but very enjoyable. On to root.
  • This is a very frustrating box! xD I have found the exploit code to get the second user. I amended it to match the config on the box, I ran it and the first time it half worked (people who have been past this stage will know what I mean). Every atte…
  • Just rooted this box, have to say it's easier than I thought it would be. Hints: dirb (or any other similar tool) is unlikely to help, you won't guess the passwords (if you do then you should be working for GCHQ/NSA) but guessing the backend system…
  • TBH there hasn't been a great deal of interest in the add-on. It's likely that I won't maintain it in the future as the support site costs money - unless I can use the site for something else.
  • There was a few little bugs so I've updated the add-on, and there's a few new features. Thanks.
  • Very kind words, thank you. If you would like to see any additional features please let me know. ;-)
  • Thank you, if there is enough interest/use I will continue to improve it.
  • I'd love to be in a team, I'm a team player [honestly], here's my 'CV': I'm 40+ [is that a bad thing?] I don't drink whiskey but my liver is pickled in rum. Yep, complaining is good. I know what a subnet is! :-/ I don't play games, but my kids do! …
  • Just rooted this box - This was a great box to learn on, and learned how to use some great tools. There's enough hints on this thread to get you going but if anybody needs a little push PM me.
  • Great machine, priv esc took me a little while. One little tip... When you have what you think you need from the 'recurring' activity, take a closer look (assuming you have got it the same way I did) - this caught me out, but once you see it you wil…
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  • Still doesn't work! xD
  • (Quote) Yeah, it looks like some work and some don't. The moderator that started the thread will be on the case I'm sure! :o)
  • nah, doesn't work. xD
  • The best hint I would give is to read what you have found is actually telling you, and then check out the OWASP TOP 10 for 2017.
  • Just used this tool today, great job. Thanks!
  • (Quote) I also found the examples given in this blog entry good practice:
  • I found this really helpful: I agree with others BOF is the easiest box in the exam.

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