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  • Got root. User was harder then root for me. @TazWake, thanks for push at user stage.
  • Got root! User is nice. Root is easy.
  • Got root! User was fun! Root is easy)
  • Got root! It was my first kernel exploit (i found two ways to exploit it) @R4J thanks!! P.S. Where is the badge?!
  • I need help with second user part. Please PM me for discussing.
  • Why ssh periodically don't response? Anybody has something similar? EDIT: Found problem.
  • Got a shell, go to next user...
  • Got root!
    in Cache Comment by pinnn July 2
  • Got root. Easy box, but user part gives some new tools in my baggage.
    in Magic Comment by pinnn June 28
  • Rooted. Root part required me to learn new interesting techniques. User was no so hard.
  • Got root. Nice box, but sometimes you have to guess. Thanks @justAhmed and @froster for supporting at user part.
    in Dyplesher Comment by pinnn June 17
  • hmm, Is it possible to reset the box when it reaches the reset limit?
    in Dyplesher Comment by pinnn June 13
  • Got root. Nice box!
    in Book Comment by pinnn May 19
  • Got root! Good box. The most difficult thing in this machine is initial foothold.
    in Cascade Comment by pinnn May 16
  • Got root! Nice box, but I don’t like guessing at the stage of getting the user and part of the search at the root stage.
    in Quick Comment by pinnn May 13
  • Got root! Good box. All the hints are already on the forum.
    in ForwardSlash Comment by pinnn May 6
  • hhhm... got user very fast. I thought it would be harder. Now for root. EDIT: Got root.txt without admin user (unintended way, someone change some security attribute and don't restore it) Got root shell (intended way, use all users) Nice box! …
    in Multimaster Comment by pinnn April 27
  • Got root! It really hard and very interesting box. One of the best box I've completed. Big thanks @gbyolo! P.S. Why does this box have such a low rating!?
    in Patents Comment by pinnn April 23
  • Rooted! User was not so hard. Root is nice. There are a lot hints for getting root in the forum...
    in Control Comment by pinnn April 7
  • Rooted! Root is not so hard but user is interesting and nice. Thanks for supporting @onurshin and @seekorswim.
    in Oouch Comment by pinnn March 30
  • Got root! It was fascinating. Nice and fun box! Thanks @qtc and thanks for support @alesc.
    in Fatty Comment by pinnn March 10
  • Rooted this box. I agree with guys who said that the root is a bit weird. Exploit is unstable.
    in Sniper Comment by pinnn February 21
  • Done! It was hard, really hard. The user is good but some guessing necessary (thanks @menessim). The root was fantastic but very hard and very fun for me. It was my first heap exploitation. I have read a lot write ups and try many methods before i g…
    in PlayerTwo Comment by pinnn January 23
  • Rooted. User is very easy. Root also is not very hard but nice!
    in Registry Comment by pinnn December 2019
  • Got root. User is good but i don't like guessing. Root is not brainfuck at all, some unusual enumeration (Thanks @menessim for initial direction) and next step was very easy.
    in Smasher2 Comment by pinnn December 2019
  • Nice box! This is my first exploit box. It was hard and fun. Thanks @R4J!
    in Rope Comment by pinnn November 2019
  • hmm... it took very long time to b**e backup service with help of np script... yes? Edit: Its was my mistake. Rewrite n*p script and then got user. Edit2: Rooted! Very nice box! Thanks @jkr !
    in Zetta Comment by pinnn October 2019
  • Got root! Nice box. All hints already in forum thread.
    in Chainsaw Comment by pinnn October 2019
  • Type your comment> @Amen0 said: (Quote) same boat. any hint please. EDIT: Rooted. Interesting and difficult box. Thanks for little help mates.
    in FluJab Comment by pinnn May 2019
  • Good box. All hints in this thread. Read it and think.
    in onetwoseven Comment by pinnn May 2019

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