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  • Can anyone who approached this the Nod.j way and solved it please PM me ? THanks!
  • Thank you @MrAgent for the box and everyone on this thread, definitely learnt a lot. I hope my tips are more thought provoking than just 'enumerate.. enumerate' or 'it's right in front of you' or 'try harder' which is never going to work if you don…
    in Irked Comment by persist January 2019
  • I currently have a reverse shell back to my linux machine. As others have mentioned, it drops when an error occurs or I try running the obvious executables. How can I get an interactive stable shell back to my machine ? I looked online and all I fou…
    in SecNotes Comment by persist January 2019
  • Got User and Root.txt. Can anyone PM me hints for root shell ? If you're gonna PM me for hints, please include what you tried and didn't work and we can go from there. Literally had one person PM me saying can I know what the solution is and I'll le…
    in Curling Comment by persist January 2019
  • @diogomrfer @jamesa thanks guys, appreciate it!
  • what's the average time one should spend on a HTB box while learning ? I know that is a vague question and I would like to pwn it without looking at the hints. Some times I feel like I'm spending way too much time and I'm not making any progress. …
  • @lokori & @Loss420 or others who read this: I consider myself to be a noob though I'm not new to programming or security, but at what time do I stop and start reading these discussions in the forums when I'm stuck? I want to solve these by mysel…
  • Rooted. Thank you @lokori & @Loss420 Unbelievable how easily I can head down the wrong path and over complicate stuff. Definitely learnt a lot of things I didn't know.
  • Ok, I don't want any spoilers, but I'm running kali on a VM. Does that in any way restrict me in getting user ? Cause I know the attack vector. There's several tutorials online that I have followed to the dot. For some reason, I'm not getting a mete…
    in Poison Comment by persist August 2018

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