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  • can anyone PM me what to do with RewriteEngine .. i'm stuck there .. any helps.
  • Some one cam PM me how they have got credentials for root user. i have got through windows. any one have done through linux. i have done till the file which has decrypted passwords but unable to get password. so i have to switch my box to widows …
    in Bastion Comment by parteeksingh May 5
  • got stuck after SFTP access .. any hints what to do next. and i'm not able to upload shell in sftp. stuck!!! need help.
  • Any hints what to do with box ?
  • Can anyone PM me how they Owend user as i have got root access directly. and read the flags from root. i want to know about user . as i have found one interesting file. PM pe for user .
    in Curling Comment by parteeksingh March 26
  • can any one help me .. i got credentials logged into a***********r page after that what to do i'm stuck and clueless any hint to move further. PM me..
    in Curling Comment by parteeksingh March 26
  • Any help with this box i have exploited the service !! but no clues what to do next . someone please help me .
    in Irked Comment by parteeksingh March 18
  • Can anyone help me with what to do next after login to web app . as i'm not able to find any parameter in burp while intercepting . some one please guie me i'm stuck .!!!!
    in Carrier Comment by parteeksingh March 8
  • i have found **t and **d file but unable to find password as password in encrypted can anyone help me to tell what type of encryption use i've tried b64 but nothing happens.
    in Netmon Comment by parteeksingh March 6
  • any hints what to do with .pst file after unzip the file stuck there
  • Any help what to do in this box ??
  • Any hints from where to look out in this book i have no idea.someone help me
  • got stuck!!! i have found two user's and hash what to do next no clues anyone help me out
  • @sull1v4nX there is sql injection find out where it is. hope this will help you
    in Giddy Comment by parteeksingh February 7
  • @Impulse said: i found sql injection but unable to find any thing interesting. Kindly help what to do ?
    in Giddy Comment by parteeksingh February 6
  • @devloop said: hey can you give me hint i found MVC and done sql injection but only find username ? unable to find anything else whar to do next?
    in Giddy Comment by parteeksingh February 6
  • kubanu thanks for help as i enumerate more i got some clues that only Oracle service is exploitable i'm just diving bit deeper .. Thanks for help..:)
  • @parteeksingh said: I'm solving Silo machine but unable to exploit this machine i have tried every exploit. Can anyone give me a hint regarding exploit.???

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