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  • A very Nice box something very new i haven't think this could be possible to get user and root. Every hints are there on forum. i just say keep calm and look each and every possible file directory maybe there is something useful. @OddRabbit and @Te…
  • can anyone help me i have an idea what to do for user but i am not able to upload my shell. anyone can PM me..
  • Thanks @clubby789 and @th3d00msl4y3r for helping me out. The box is quite amazing and i have learned a lot from the box and from both of you guys. Finally Rooted the box: after 2 days making syntax mistakes every time. Initial Foothold : Look for …
  • anyone help me with this box i am not able to get initial foothold, i am missing some thing here in the box any hint please.
  • Need some nudge from someone i have successfully uploaded my malicious image. after that when i goes to /u*****s/ directory i didn't see anything there. can some one please tell me what is the issue. as earlier i was able to get reverse shell but no…
  • can anyone PM me what to do with RewriteEngine .. i'm stuck there .. any helps.
  • Some one cam PM me how they have got credentials for root user. i have got through windows. any one have done through linux. i have done till the file which has decrypted passwords but unable to get password. so i have to switch my box to widows f…
    in Bastion Comment by parteeksingh May 2019
  • got stuck after SFTP access .. any hints what to do next. and i'm not able to upload shell in sftp. stuck!!! need help.
  • Any hints what to do with box ?
  • Can anyone PM me how they Owend user as i have got root access directly. and read the flags from root. i want to know about user . as i have found one interesting file. PM pe for user .
  • can any one help me .. i got credentials logged into a***********r page after that what to do i'm stuck and clueless any hint to move further. PM me..
  • Any help with this box i have exploited the service !! but no clues what to do next . someone please help me .
    in Irked Comment by parteeksingh March 2019
  • Can anyone help me with what to do next after login to web app . as i'm not able to find any parameter in burp while intercepting . some one please guie me i'm stuck .!!!! :(
  • i have found **t and **d file but unable to find password as password in encrypted can anyone help me to tell what type of encryption use i've tried b64 but nothing happens.
  • any hints what to do with .pst file after unzip the file stuck there
  • Any help what to do in this box ??
  • Any hints from where to look out in this book i have no idea.someone help me
  • got stuck!!! i have found two user's and hash what to do next no clues anyone help me out
  • @sull1v4nX there is sql injection find out where it is. hope this will help you
  • (Quote) i found sql injection but unable to find any thing interesting. Kindly help what to do ?
  • (Quote) hey can you give me hint i found MVC and done sql injection but only find username ? unable to find anything else whar to do next?
  • kubanu thanks for help as i enumerate more i got some clues that only Oracle service is exploitable i'm just diving bit deeper .. Thanks for help..:)
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